IBC 2017: Focusrite release new Red16 Line and RedNet X2P

The team have made it back from Amsterdam more or less intact, and they’ve bought all the audio news back with them. In terms of exciting new audio releases, Focusrite ruled the roost, launching the new RedNet X2P and Red16 Line. 

While we don’t have pricing or a fixed release date for either piece of hardware yet, we’ve seen demo units at work on Focusrite’s IBC stand, and we’re pretty impressed by the specs they’ve released so far. Here’s what we know.

RedNet X2P


This compact interface adds I/O to your Red, RedNet or Dante systems, packing its 2U form with a 2×2 Dante interface, a pair of Red Evolution mic pres, a stereo line out and its own headphone amplifier. Power, audio and remote control capabilities are all shared over Ethernet (though you’ll need a power over Ethernet injector or switch). It boasts 11 dB of dynamic range, and Focusrite say it has been perfectly balanced to deliver sound quality, dynamic range conversion latency.

Those Red Evolution mic pres boast Focusrite’s famous ultra-clean gain, plus stereo linking, phantom power, a high pass filter and phase reverse. They also support Air mode, which allows you to emulate classic Focusrite transformer mics.

The RedNet X2P body features a crossfader, so you can control the level of local inputs vs network ones, and it can be mounted directly to a mic stand and controlled remotely. You have the option to lock off the mic pre settings and/or the output settings, meaning you can safely allow people to adjust their own headphone mixes without risking them adjusting the mic pre gain.


Red16 Line

For those of you who crave even more mic pres, there’s the Red16 Line, a 64-in, 64-out Pro Tools HD and Thunderbolt 3 interface that supports 16×16 analogue I/O, 32×32 Dante connectivity, 16 line inputs on D-sub, 16 line outputs and two main monitor outputs.


Because the Red16 Line has native DigiLink and Thunderbolt 3 support, there’s no need to swap out option cards to work with different DAWs, and you can expand your setup quickly and easily over Ethernet.

Once you’ve found your ideal configuration, you can enjoy Red16 Line’s high performance audio convertors, which have over 118 dB dynamic range A/D and 121 dB dynamic range D/A (A weighted). Focusrite claim that, with the Red16, you’ll no longer have to create separate mixes for overdub and playback – just build your mix on your DAW and use it whether you’re overdubbing or playing back. All your plug-ins will remain in place, all the time.

You’ll also get access to the Focusrite Control software mixer, and their Red 2 and 3 compression and EQ plug-ins.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have information on availability and pricing, but if you’d like to discuss your options in the meantime, get in touch with the team on the details below.

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