NAB 2017: DJI’s Ronin 2 is ready to take 30lbs of camera

It’s been a relatively quiet NAB in terms of production kit but this new gimbal from DJI has cheered us up no end, mostly by being twice as strong as the previous Ronin and having the most dramatic launch video we’ve seen in a while. 

The original Ronin was a big hit, and this follow-up takes everything we loved about that and adds a touchscreen control surface and support for an extra 15lbs worth of kit. It means your camera can now weigh up to 30lbs (13kgs), while its carbon fibre framework keeps the Ronin itself relatively light. The Ronin 2’s batteries can also be used to charge your camera, so you can remove the camera’s battery in order to free up more weight for accessories if needed.

Ronin 2 is cable cam ready, but can also be used as a car mount or for handheld shots. A quick release mechanism included to help cut down on setup times, and integrated knobs make it easier to make adjustments on the fly.

The Ronin 2 can survive speeds of up to 75mph, and its dual batteries are now hot swappable, so you can spend several hours performing the sort of death-defying stunts seen in the video without ever needing to stop, if that’s how you like to spend your time.

DJI are aware that in these moments of peril, you may not be within reach of the Ronin 2’s ultra-bright touchscreen, so have developed a wireless remote control you can use instead, as well as a revamped Ronin Assist app.

For more info, take a look at this interview from NewsShooter, who are frankly nailing this whole ‘NAB coverage’ thing:

NAB 2017: DJI Ronin 2 from Newsshooter on Vimeo.

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