NAB 2017: Notes on NewTek TriCaster TC1, NC1 I/O module, NVG1 and NDI

A few weeks back, NewTek released the TriCaster TC1 (get the full lowdown on that here), and we managed to get more details at NAB. However, they were also holding a couple of other NDI cards up their sleeve in the form of brand new product releases. These are accessories to NewTek’s NDI ecosystem, which nicely enhance functionality.

Sticking with the TC1 for the time being though, as it’s NewTek’s main release at the NAB Show, and there are a few extra details worth pointing out. x303aasThe TriCaster TC1 features two channels of Skype TX included as part of the build – Microsoft have licensed a handful of manufacturers to build Skype TX boxes, but have only licensed NewTek to include it in a production switcher. You get 16 external inputs (if you buy enough I/O modules) all up to 4k 60p, 3x multiviews, 2x internal 4K video servers, 4x 4K Isocorders, 2x GigE ports, a 4x4x4 matrix router and two independent streams, up to 4K 60P! It also features a native IP switcher, ie it doesn’t convert an IP signal into baseband, do all processing, then convert back into IP for output – the way a lot of traditional video switchers work.

To control your TC1 and add a range of tactile workflow shortcuts, choose between two new panels NewTek unveiled just before NAB, the TriCaster TC1LP and TC1SP – ‘large’ and ‘small’ control surfaces, respectively. You can pre-order the NewTek TriCaster TC1 from Jigsaw24 now.

NewTek also announced their new NC1 I/O module at NAB, featuring 4K, 3G, HD, SD, 8x mini BNCs, 2x 1 GbE ports, and is configurable for any combination of input/output. NewTek have gone down the route of quad 3G rather than 12 G SDI, but those 8 inputs could also be 8x NDi inputs/outputs. An NC1 I/O IP module which adds three channels of NDI and dual 10 GbE SFP+is also on the horizon, joining their current NC1 Studio Input Module (formerly the VMC1) which is only HD but has 4x HD-SDI ports; separate line-level audio inputs and is Dante-capable.

Another new release (although only for the US market), the NVG1 – NewTek-Vizrt IP Graphics Server is a realtime 4K-capable 3D graphics system designed for integration with the NewTek IP Series and the new TriCaster TC1 video production systems. It combines NewTek’s technology with Vizrt’s leading Viz Trio CG and visualisation 3D engine, letting you design and deliver realtime animated 3D graphics up to 4K, is NDI-enabled, and has dual Giagbit network interfaces.

Sticking with NDI, more than 400 companies have now added NDI functionality to their products. This future-proof protocol is capable of 4K at 780fps, 8K 210 fps, or 1080p up to 2200 fps – just in case you need that! For all NDI nerds, there’s going to be an NDI Central booth at NAB 2017, with numerous companies showing off their NDI wares, so I’ll probably see you there!

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