Media Composer v8.8 is here!

Media Composer v8.8 is here and ready for download! Head to the Download Centre in your Avid account to get the update now, or keep reading to see what’s been updated.

New features

Version 8.8 has seen a raft of tweaks and new features to make your editing workflow even smoother. Here are the highlights – a more detailed breakdown is available in the Avid documentation:

– Timeline Clip Notes You can add notes to clips in the Timeline and view all the notes in the Timeline Clip Notes Window. (Used to be Adding Comments.)

– Frame Cache for Effects Editing enabling frame cache when performing colour correction.

– ScriptSync ScriptSync uses phonetic-indexing technology to analyse the audio portion of a clip and match it to lines of the script text.

– Bin sharing on non-Avid storage The editing application will notify you if your third party storage is emulating Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS storage.

– Change to Find Window A few changes have been made to the Find Window.

– Change to the Script Window A few changes have been made to the Script Window.

Bug fixes

As well as new features, v8.8 also brings with it a range of welcome bug fixes, including:

– Not being able to open a project if the project was named Clip.

– Not being able to successfully drag and drop audio clips above or below the TC track.

–  Custom Colours not staying in the colour palette when using clip colour.

–  Disabling the ‘Auto-create new tracks’ setting was ignored when using Edit While Capture clips.

–  The Cutlist EndHdl timecode was short one frame.

–  (List Tool) The marker values were empty in an Optical List.

–  (List Tool) Markers did not display on Opticals in an Assemble List.

–  When performing an Export to Device with an XDCAM device attached, you might have received a ‘Please connect XDCAM device or insert disk’ message.

–  In some instances, exporting a graphic from linked XAVC Long GOP media failed with an assertion error.

–  In some instances, rendering a sequence with muted clips resulted in clips being partially rendered.

–  The Project Window summary might have been empty on a Mac system, or contained garbled text on a Windows system.

–  When importing some .wav files, the name of the files include a / which is an illegal character that is not supported in Interplay. This is because Media Composer uses the values of Scene/Take for the file name when importing Broadcast Wave files. An additional Import Setting has been added to the Import Settings dialogue. The ‘Use Broadcast Wave Scene and Take for Clip Names’ is defaulted on. If you are importing Broadcast Wave files and you do not want them named using Scene/Take, you must deselect this option in the Import Settings:Audio dialogue box.
Limitations:  There are 5 limitations and workarounds outlined in the ReadMe for Media Composer v8.8.
New Nvidia Driver: Nvidia Driver v375.86 is supported with this release.


Media Composer v8.8 is available now. If you have already installed the latest version of Media Composer, you will be notified of the availability of the v8.8 upgrade via the Application Manager v17.2. The Apps tab will also provide a link to download and install the update.

If you bought Media Composer on or after 16th February, 2017 you will receive this v8.8 update in your Avid Master Account.

If you are on a current Upgrade & Support plan you can download the Media Composer v8.8 update either from your Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Centre (login and password required). However, if you are not on a current Upgrade & Support contract, you must purchase either a new Media Composer Subscription or Perpetual licence to receive this update.

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