IBC 2016: Atomos and G-Technology team up to improve your on-set storage

The show’s not officially open yet and G-Technology and Atomos have already managed to get our storage team in a tizzy by teaming up to improve on-set storage for us all. 

The result of their collaboration is the Atomos Master Caddy by G-Technology, a new range of ev series-comptible, high performance solid state drives, described it thusly in the official blurb:

“With SSD configurations achieving transfer rates surpassing 500 MB/s (ideal for 4K, HDR and other demanding content formats), the Atomos Master Caddy inserts directly into any Atomos-compatible recorder. The caddy then slides into the ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition, which slips into any G-DOCK ev or ev Series Bay Adapter. The Atomos Master Caddy by G-Technology makes quick, cable-free work of transferring footage into main project storage, creating backups, and quickly turning around formatted media.”

Master Caddy drives


The Master Caddy comes in two flavours: Master Caddy 4K and Master Caddy HD. The Master Caddy 4K boasts read speeds of up to 540MBps and write speeds of up to 520MBps. It’s available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities. The Master Caddy HD is a 7200RPM HDD that tops out at 136MBps, and is only available in 1TB capacity. Both versions support drive labels and QR code labels.

Master Caddy readers

However, the really interesting bit is that these can be used in the G-DOCK and ev Series G-SPEED RAIDs to ingest, edit, duplicate and distribute data straight from RED Mini-Mag and, now, Atomos media, meaning that Master Caddy drives will slot right into your existing storage workflow with a bit of help from an adaptor.

The ex Series Reader Master Caddy Edition is ev Series compatible (though not with the ev All Terrain Case). It’s bus powered, and uses USB-C (Gen 2) connectivity, though you get USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB 3.0 cables included in the box, so is backwards compatible with earlier USB standards.

As well as letting you transfer your footage to any ev-compatible storage, the reader can be used as a standalone device to review, log and back up footage.


There is also an ev Series Reader CFast 2.0 Edition, which is designed to simplify and optimise your 4K capture workflow. It works with all CFast 2.0 media and is compatible with G-SPEED Shuttle, G-SPEED Speed XL (with an ev bay adaptor), G-DOCK ev Thunderbolt, ev All Terrain Case and G-DOCK Solo.

The ev Series Reader CFast 2.0 Edition is bus powered and uses USB 3.0 connectivity.

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