Ki Pro Rack price plummets!

Stop everything and rush to your friendly neighbourhood eCommerce website immediately – AJA have halved the price of the Ki Pro Rack and released v6.0 of its firmware, adding enhanced CEA-708 Closed Captioning support and the ability to record CC embedded video and then play out those captions perfectly.

AJA’s Ki Pro Rack is now only£1980 (£2376 inc VAT). This new and permanent low price comes into effect on 1st August 2016, which we strongly feel should be renamed Ki Pro Rack day in its honour.

If you bought a Ki Pro Rack between 1st July and 1st August 2016, you’ll qualify for a special rebate offer of two Ki-SSD256 USB drives for each Ki Pro Rack bought (these usually go for between £600 and £700 a pop, so it’s a pretty good deal). This offer is time limited, so hot foot it to the AJA site and get your claim in now.

In case it’s temporarily slipped your mind why you’d want a Ki Pro Rack, here’s the team behind Icelandic MasterChef to explain how it helped them do two weeks’ work in ten hours:

AJA and Luxor from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

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