Avid launch Media Composer floating licence five packs (with up to 50% off!)

Great news for smaller post or production houses: Avid have announced their Media Composer Floating Licences are now available for purchase in packs of five. Even better news: they’re currently offering 15% off new licences, or a massive 50% if you convert your current Media Composer licences across the entire floating licence range. 

Avid’s floating licences enable you to purchase packs of shared licences to deploy across your entire facility using a single system ID. This means multiple editors can use Media Composer simultaneously on any number of workstations when the licences are available (not actively in use).

Once you close your Media Composer application, the licence is automatically returned to the pool of available licences on the licensing server. All you need is a Windows server running Windows XP SP3 or Later, Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Later, 32 or 64-bit OS.

Avid Media Composer floating licences on Jigsaw24

Why choose floating licences over standalone licences?

Going with Avid Media Composer floating licences over standalone ones has many benefits. For example, it lets you:

Maximise your investment. Licences are only consumed when in use and returned to the server when not, so additional editors can connect when licences become available.

Use licences outside your facility. Floating licences give you the ability to ‘check out’ licences – ideal for projects that need to be completed on the road or at home for an extended period of time.

Save time. Save countless hours of activation, installation, and upgrade time using Avid’s Floating License Server software and your existing hardware to establish a single, centralised licensing server – just activate a pack of licences, tell Media Composer the server address, and the system will automatically request licences from the server on the internal network.

Save money. Save money and gain more operational flexibility over purchasing individual seats of Media Composer that often go unused when a designated editor or system isn’t working.

Save up to 50% on floating licences

You can now buy new or conversion licences in packs of 5, 20 or 50 for Media Composer, NewsCutter Option, Symphony Option and Production Pack. You can buy these in any combination, with no minimum order required, and five packs can be added to your existing floating licences at any time.

Avid are currently running an offer until 30th September 2016 whereby you can trade in your current Media Composer licences for a floating licence and save 50%, or buy a new Media Composer floating licence and save 15%! You can buy new floating licences from us at the links below, but if you want to convert your current floating licences, please get in touch with the team on the details at the bottom of the page.

Avid Media Composer floating licence, 5 users – Save 15%!

Avid Media Composer floating licence, 20 users – Save 15%!

Avid Media Composer floating licence, 50 users – Save 15%!

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