Changes announced for Apple Professional Development catalogue

Apple have confirmed considerable changes to their APD catalogue. The company look to build on their success offering training courses to educational institutions.

It’s hoped that the revised catalogue will provide greater flexibility to schools and offer a fresh approach to teaching. While Apple Education Trainers will still deliver a full day of training, existing courses in the ‘Fundamentals’ and ‘Curriculum’ (renamed ‘Integration’) categories have been reviewed and updated. They will now be split into three-hour modules, streamlining the teaching experience and tailoring it to suit the needs of different groups or individuals. Two identical three hour sessions may be offered to schools in order to relieve scheduling pressure for teachers, while a bespoke training plan could be put together to better tailor courses to the classroom.

AETs will host seminars following each three hour course, giving teachers the chance to get to grips with their newfound knowledge and consider the implementation of new Apple-based learning methods.

The catalogue will include new Higher Education offerings, while skills developed in ‘Foundation’ modules will be complimented by rebranded ‘Integration’ modules. Five new courses will be offered in correspondence with the refreshed catalogue:

– Facilitating real world learning

Creating authentic learning activities with Apple creativity apps and the Challenge Based Learning framework.

– Designing interactive learning activities

Incorporating gaming into lessons to make them more fun and engaging.

– Physical education, health and fitness

Integrating Apple creativity and health apps into physical education.

– Cross curricula for elementary learners

Learning authentic ways to integrate Apple creativity apps across all areas of elementary education.

– Making thoughtful recourses decisions

Exploring Apple stores and learning how to carefully select resources appropriate for all your teaching and learning needs.

Other courses offered include:

– Vision and plan

– Education strategic planning

– Coaching and mentoring

– Co-delivery and twilight sessions

– Planning

Read the updated APD catalogue here.

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