Telestream Episode v6.4.2 free update is available now!

Telestream have released a brand new free update for their media encoding application, Episode. The big talking points in Episode v6.4.2 are support for x264 encoding in every version (the previous x264 option is no longer required), support for Apple’s OS X Mavericks (10.9) and a few other welcome fixes and enhancements.

Features previously available in the Advanced API integration are now available in every version too, although Telestream do point out that these features still require API integration to access them, but will no longer require a separate licence to enable them. Here’s everything else that’s new in Telestream Episode 6.4.2, for both the Mac OS X and Windows versions:

Telestream Episode 6.4.2 updates

– Added new ‘manual’ connection method for connecting to clusters on different subnets (Mac OS X & Windows).

– x264 encoding included on all Episode licence levels (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Added support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) (Mac OS X).

– Added a checkmark to the Preview menu to indicate size selected (Mac OS X).

– “CHANGED” banner now disappears after saving modified workflow (Mac OS X).

– Fixed encoder inspector scrolling issue (Mac OS X).

– Fixed issue causing a green line to appear after transcoding from AVC Intra 100 progressive source files (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Fixed priority slider in Status window not drawing correctly in OSX 10.9 (Mac OS X).

– Fixed intermittent stop button failure in cluster configuration (Mac OS X & Windows).

– Task history now loads on re-launch when status window is in task-only view (Mac OS X).

– The cluster browser will no longer be displayed on top of other applications and windows if it is left open (Windows).

– Fixed issue causing an error re-installing after removing Episode using the procedures outlined in the manual (Mac OS X & Windows).

If you already have Telestream Episode 6, it’s easy to get the free Episode 6.4.2 update. Just head to Episode Preferences License in Episode, click on ‘+’ and then click the Purchase button.

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