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NAB 2019: cineXtools release metadata editor and NDI layout support

cineXtools, the world’s first insert-edit application, continues to expand its feature set with two new functions debuting at NAB this year. Using a familiar NLE style Player/Recorder interface, cineXtools is patent-pending, file-based insert edit technology. 


Liz Sunter

True file-based insert editing allows users to accurately overwrite new segments of video, audio, or closed captioning in already exported files without re-rendering or re-exporting entire programs. Users can dramatically increase their efficiency to make changes to files rather than repeating the multi-hour re-export and re-QC process.

With the new Metadata Editor, instantly update, edit and change the metadata in your files with no rewrapping or re-exporting. In it’s debut release, features include relabeling audio tracks and editing/renaming track titles like the now deprecated Quicktime Pro software, as well as editing HDR tags like color primaries, matrix coefficients and transfer characteristics. “True to the nature of cineXtools, we’re committed to developing tools that allow instant access and update to parts of the files that should be accessible,” says Charles Dautremont, Cinedeck CTO.

Planned Metadata Editor releases for later this year include bringing these same capabilities to MXF files, as well as the ability to instantly update editable metadata like VCHIP info, CLAP, pixel aspect ratio and much more.

Additionally, cineXtools now support NDI for QC playout. With playout support, users can visually QC their inserts for a final confidence check before file delivery. A later release will add RS422 support so any third-party RS422 controller can be used for controlling playback.

For more information about cineXtools visit their website.  


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