IBC 2017: HP launch HP Z workstations with up to 3TB RAM

In news that we're sure will be of interest to IBC attendees , HP have announced a new line of HP Z workstations, the Z8, Z6 and Z4, that are designed to be the most powerful, scalable workstations on the planet.

And when we say "most powerful", we mean that the top of the line Z8 promises "realtime 8K editing" and contains 24 RAM slots, giving you up to 3TB - that's three terabytes - of RAM. Unsurprisingly, it's already been certified by major software vendors, including Avid, Adobe and Autodesk, and can be configured with CPU and graphics options from HP's VR Ready range, should you want a workstation optimised for VR.

In an age where other computers are leaning toward high-speed, low capacity Flash storage, the HP Z8 can hold up to 48TB of internal storage in addition to its 3TB - again, three terabytes - of RAM, a spec we will not be getting over any time soon. This is all driven up by dual Intel Xeon chips that have up to 56 cores between them, and any graphics work you throw at it is handled by three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards by default, although AMD configurations are available. You can expand your Z8 by making use of its nine PCIe slots. We are not making any of this up.

When you get to the Z6 and Z4 things calm down somewhat, with the Z6 topping out at a mere 384 GB memory, 42 cores, 22TB of internal storage and dual Quadro P5000 GPUs, while the Z4 offers up to 18 cores, 256GB of memory, 22TB storage and dual Quadro P4000 GPUs.

The Z8 and Z6 are due to join us in October, with UK pricing still on the horizon. The Z4 will follow in November.

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