Meet the experts: Phillip Boettcher

Meet the experts: Phillip Boettcher

Many of you will already be familiar with Phillip’s dulcet tones from his time with our tech support team, or have met him while he was our main onsite engineer for media customers, whose Avid storage solutions he has been expertly installing for several years. Now, as a Technical Architect, he helps our customers design their custom workstations, storage setups and rendering solutions. 

High performance

“I spend a lot of time working on high performance storage for editing, and speccing workstations for creatives who need a specific build. If you need rendering workstations to do grunt work around your facility, I can help there, too. I’ve been an ASCR Elite, which is Avid’s highest support qualification, so if you need help putting together your Avid workflow and designing the systems that support it, I’m a good person to ask.”

Disaster aversion

“I definitely think working my way up through tech support has helped me because, having seen how badly things can go wrong, I know all the things that can crop up after a build is complete and the amount of preparation that it’s best to take before diving into a project. When I’m scoping things out with customers, I can see where people have gone wrong in the past, and steer them away from that from the get go.”

The rise and rise of Resolve? 

“I’ve installed and provided workflow advice for a number of quite high-powered Resolve systems in quite demanding post-production environments, so it’s interesting to watch version 14 develop and see the new tools relating to the collaborative workflow emerge. It’s pretty clear that Blackmagic Design want Resolve to become a one-stop shop that you visit when you’re acquiring your media, when you’re starting your edit, when you’re finishing and when you’re colouring, for audio and for delivery – and they’re allowing you to do a lot of it in the free version, without even having to buy the studio version. I know some people will always want to use tried and tested software that their regular freelancers already know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw young talents working their way up as Resolve all-rounders.”

The easiest way to start your asset management regime…

“Avid’s new Media Central Editorial Management is going to be the next big thing that I’ll be discussing with customers who are considering (or already using) the NEXIS storage platform.  It’ll be a really good product for small to medium production businesses who are trying to get things in order from the start, and want to make sure they’re working the right way from the beginning. It has a fair number of integrations with existing workflows, it will be an easy one to incorporate into their setup.”

Future-proofing the media industry

“I like the installs we’ve done for universities, particularly things like the Resolve suite we did at Falmouth. I went in to install that and it was nice to bring that kind of technology to students and see them get into it. Even though it wasn’t all that long ago, the difference between the kit available when I was at university and the things that universities are providing for their students now seems huge; we’re installing Rohde & Schwarz SANs, NEXIS, Resolve, huge storage estates and things I’d never have encountered in education a few years ago.”

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