A day in the life of the Jigsaw24 creative team

A day in the life of the Jigsaw24 creative team

The creative team is part of the marketing division at Jigsaw24, and is composed of a team of copywriters and a team of designers; these two groups combined are behind the production of all marketing materials produced by Jigsaw24. But who are they really? Here’s a little overview of the team…

How the team is structured

Responsible for the supervision of the whole team is the management team, consisting of Ade Leader (the boss man), the Head of Marketing along with Victoria Baxter and Louise Goldsworthy, both design managers. When this trio of forces combine, VAL is formed – an unstoppable managing mastermind. A main part of Ade’s job is managing the workload and communicating with other teams in the business to plan and implement marketing campaigns. Victoria plots the work of the designers and organises their days by each hour. She plans months in advance (like an organisational ninja) in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Meanwhile, Louise deals with the tech side of the designing such as the website.

The copy team consists of four copywriters; Liz Sunter, the senior copywriter, who works alongside Shariff Ibrahim, Joe Harby and Becki Crossley. Their job centres around writing copy for all marketing materials, which can be as wide-ranging as print materials like brochures and flyers, web pages, direct email marketing and more, as well as running the social media accounts. Day to day, the copywriters will focus on certain campaigns or projects, incorporating feedback from other teams both within the business and externally. Liz’s job involves communicating with the management team and making sure the work of the other copywriters meets the briefs for the campaigns.

On the design team there is Xenia Spray-Smith who is the senior designer along with graphic designers Liana Philips, Thierry Courtois, Simon Curd who balances in-house video production and animation with graphic design, and web designer Jamie Shaw. Their work is very varied, including both print and digital collateral, web design, event invites and stands, photography and in-house video. Xenia, as senior designer, is responsible for overseeing the team as a whole and will relay information to and from the management team.

What the team are currently working on

Presently, the creative team are focused on the production of the Jigsaw24 annual report, an in-depth (132 pages) overview of the business year. In addition to this, they are continually creating newsletters and brochures throughout the year along with their everyday tasks such as sending out emails and creating blog posts.

Where they live

The main office is open plan, with the directors working alongside the marketing, apps and systems development, sales, product management and project management teams,which enables better communication and encourages great socialising between all departments. Behind their roles and responsibilities, the members of the creative team are incredibly supportive of each other and are always willing to help out other colleagues. And morale is always boosted by the odd break from work to play pool, table tennis or table football (with questionable skills), not to mention the occasional office tournaments such as darts and table tennis (all while being super productive, of course…).

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We’re one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education!

We’re one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education!

Jigsaw24 are now one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education (ASE), due to recent changes in their channel approach in education.

According to the CRN website: “Apple has overhauled its channel approach in education, leaving just 14 UK resellers on the books for the competitive vertical. CRN understands that the vendor giant between 24 and 26 Apple Solution Experts – Education (ASE) previously, with Softcat, Insight and Misco all apparently missing out. The 14 remaining ASEs in education are: Academia, MCC, GBM, Trams, Albion, KRCS, Western Computer, Toucan, Jigsaw24, XMA, BT Direct Business, JTRS and for Ireland Wiggle and Compu b.”

Read the full article here.

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Price drop on Blackmagic Video Assist 5 inch monitor and recorder!

Price drop on Blackmagic Video Assist 5 inch monitor and recorder!

We’ve got the Blackmagic Video Assist HD 5 inch monitor and recorder now priced at only £295 (£354 inc VAT) while stocks last!

The Blackmagic Video Assist is a great addition to your equipment, helping you to create high quality and professional video content. It provides a bright display with a 135º viewing angle thats much larger than the screens on regular DSLR cameras making creating professional looking work so much easier!

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It has both SDI and HDMI inputs making it compatible with any video camera from DSLRs to the latest digital film cameras. There is no need to worry about triggering the recording on the monitor itself as recording is automatic through the SDI and HDMI. Using high speed SD cards, it saves broadcast quality 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes and DNxHR in Quicktime or MXF compatible files compatible with modern NLE software but to a much higher standard than DSLRs record.

Equipped with a 5 inch screen, with focus peaking indicators, waveform monitor, RGB parade, vectorscope and histogram, it’s easier to frame shots and focus, and with 1920 x 1080p60 resolution, you can view your footage in the highest quality while you shoot. With a ProRes and DNxHD recorder, you will get 10-bit 4:2:2 files that work with all major editing software, so there’s no need to convert them, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

The monitor supports 3D LUTs and has a focus assist function and exposure tools such as focus peaking indicators and false colour tools to allow easier focusing, exposure and framing of shots to a professional standard. It also has a touchscreen function allowing you to control many key features of your recording, such as the histogram, audio meters and controls, easily and quickly while still looking at the shot, making it the perfect way to bring high quality recording to your work.

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