App of the week: Pulsar for Salesforce

Already using Salesforce? Well, imagine having access to its features on your iPad, while getting the benefit of social, cloud and device services. That’s where Pulsar comes in…

What is Pulsar for iPad?

If you’re already a Salesforce user, you’ll know that it provides businesses with incredibly powerful tools for nurturing and closing deals. And while there are all manner of apps available for extending those capabilities to iPad, few of them do it as successfully as Pulsar by Luminix.

Pulsar provides both online and offline access to Salesforce tools on iPad, meaning you always have access to data, regardless of where you are and whether or not you have a connection (and we all know how difficult getting a connection can be…).

How does Pulsar work?

Pulsar works by hooking into many of the features of Salesforce, while leveraging much of the functionality of the iPad. The user interface has been designed specifically for the device, adding everything from one-touch social functionality to visual pipelines and organisational charts.

Pulsar for Salesforce gives you:

–  Offline access to Salesforce data, so you always have the information you need, regardless of your connection status.

–  The ability to create and edit contacts and notes while offline.

–  Access to LinkedIn, Twitter and search engine results for leads and contacts, and a LinkedIn summary screen.

–  An integrated map that shows you the location of your account’s office.

–  A pipeline view that visualises your deals by stage, and a timeline view that shows exactly what has been done with each account so far.

–  An organisational visualisation to show which contacts are allies, champions and blockers.

–  Integration with device email, calendars and address book – basically, you can see Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Salesforce events and more in one calendar. Amazing!

–  A to-do list that helps organise your day and makes sure you follow up on activities.

–  Offline access to documents that have been saved in Salesforce’s shared libraries.

Who is Pulsar good for?

Salesforce users. If you’re not already signed up to that then Pulsar’s not going to be any use to you. However, if you’re following up and closing leads, and would like to be able to do that on an iPad, this is a great tool because it puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there is competition out there (including Salesforce’s own Salesforce Touch), but as far as free options go, we’ve not found anything that can compete with Pulsar. Salesforce’s own ForcePad app doesn’t have offline access, for example, while the Dashboard app only displays the Dashboard features of Salesforce.

One favourite feature

The unified calendars! It brings together all of your different calendars and Salesforce events into a single view so that you can easily see exactly what you have on. When Pulsar was first released, it was one of the only free apps available that allowed you to centralise everything in this way. And it was a big draw for some of our own sales team choosing to use it.

How much is Pulsar and where do I get it?

As we’ve already mentioned, Pulsar is completely free, making it an appealing alternative to many of the paid options out there. Check out the Apple App Store to find out more or to download.

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