Education app of the week: Talk Maths for iPad

Getting pupils to really engage with maths can sometimes be tricky, but our latest app of the week for iPad is a great solution. Talk Maths presents quite difficult mathematical functions in a fun, accessible way, and is suitable for a number of different levels.

What is Talk Maths?

Talk Maths (Pearson Education, £3.99) is an app for iPad that aims to “get children talking about maths and working together to solve problems”. It does this through four different fun games – Number Sums, where pupils have to balance sides of a triangle; the capacity-matching Dominoes; Marble Run, in which pupils must adjust a function machine to make the target number, and Mystery Number – a game where pupils need to find a missing number by using clues to eliminate digits. The app comes in three different education level versions (Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6), and each game also has difficulty ratings, from 1-dot to 4-dot.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Because Talk Maths is developed in the UK, it actually addresses the UK maths curriculum (as opposed to some American apps you might come across in the App Store). This makes it a great tool to use alongside your regular teaching, and also a valuable resource for revision in the lead-up to those all important Year 6 SATs, as you can set independent revision and know your pupils are hitting the curriculum objectives.

Having different difficulty settings means Talk Maths is also perfect for differentiation, as you can tailor the app to both pupils who are looking for an extra challenge, or those who may need a little more support.

What’s the best feature?

Maths wasn’t exactly my favourite subject at school, so I was impressed to see how the games in Talk Maths could present quite ‘dull’ subjects in a fun way. You can see this most strongly in Marble Run. The objective here is to solve calculations and give the correct formula to send a marble round a pipe. It’s a much more colourful and accessible way of learning about equations than just working through an old text book.

Where can I get it?

You can log on to the App Store on your iPad to purchase Talk Maths (Pearson Education, £3.99) Year 4, 5 or 6, or see more over on iTunes.

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