Updating facilities to win new students at Barnsley College

Sam Wilson, head of the media unit at Barnsley College wanted to update the college’s entry-level cameras but at the same time keep costs to a minimum. He wanted cameras with better quality and resolution that would also give a good impression to prospective students.

We suggested that the Sony HD1000 which, with its shoulder-mount design, has a similar form factor to the professional shoulder mount ENG cameras ‘seen on TV’. Using cameras like this is a sure-fire way to get students more enthusiastic and excited about what they are learning than learning with a handheld camera might get them – an idea which appealed to the college.

In order to add more options to the audio on the cameras, we equipped them with BeachTek XLR units. Improving the sound quality with microphones gave large expansion possibilities to the course from a teaching perspective: they were able to include professional audio roles in the production, involving more students and increasing the depth to the production areas they taught.

Since then, the college have added a number of Sony HVR-Z7 hybrid workflow cameras to their technology resources for the students to study solid-state workflows as well as tape disciplines.

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