VPP explained: Educational discounts on iPad apps

Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) is an education-specific service for managing app purchasing and deployment across mobile Apple devices in schools, and getting great discounts on a huge range of apps. Because it’s so simple to use, it’s also a firm favourite with the education team and the tech support guys setting up our 1:1 iPad deployments!

What is VPP?

VPP allows educational institutions to bulk purchase apps from an online store specifically set up for multiple licence purchases. Many app developers are offering up to 50% discount if 20 or more licences are purchased so, for example, you can purchase 20 copies of iMovie for £1.49 each, instead of £2.99.

How does it work?

Institutions simply set up a ‘Programme Manager’ (e.g. heads of IT and heads of finance) who can then create accounts for Programme Facilitators (e.g. heads of department and subject leaders), giving them the right to purchase apps and iBooks for the school (you’ll need to attach a credit or debit card to the Programme Facilitator’s account to make a purchase). Then you can head over to the VPP Education Store to browse through all apps and see which qualify for VPP discount. They should display a little ‘+’ symbol, as in the screen shot below…

Apple have also launched a new method of purchasing VPP codes – ClickandBuy – which makes the whole process even easier. When VPP asks for a credit card number, you just fill in a ClickandBuy number which acts as a customer ID. ClickandBuy works in two ways:

1) Pre-Fund Purchase – ClickandBuy acts as an eWallet, whereby a school sets up a ClickandBuy account and then top up their account either by local bank transfer, wire transfer or credit/debit card.

2) Pay at Time of Purchase – A school sets up a payment method to be debited immediately, which works credit/debit cards or local direct debit.

How can we help?

Our team offer full support for VPP as part of our mobile device management (MDM) service, simplifying the setup and easing technical requirements of any institution. Just get in touch with us on the details below for more info.
Want to find out more about apps and Apple iPad for education? Call us on 03332 409 333 or email learning@Jigsaw24.com. To keep up to date with what our e7 team are up to, follow @Jigsaw24Edu on Twitter or ‘Like’ our Jigsaw24 Education Facebook page


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