How do I prevent my Apple TV from getting ‘hijacked’?

Making sure your Apple TV hub can’t be hijacked – especially in an education environment – is an important, but easy, setting to make. Luckily the latest version of the Apple TV software – v5.1.1 – has an in-built, much needed anti-hijacking feature.

If your Apple TV unit is still running iOS 5 and Apple TV software v5.0.2, you’ll need to update it by running a Restore from iTunes. This will update iOS to version 6 and the Apple TV to version 5.1.1. An article explaining the procedure is here.

Once updated you have the option (Settings/Airplay) of adding an on-screen password, so that an iPad user has to use a four digit passcode which appears on the apple TV connected TV or projector. Not only that but if anyone tries to interrupt someone presenting on the Apple TV, they will see a warning on their iPad saying “Apple TV Not Available – Apple TV is being used by someone else”.

This means that students cannot use the Apple TV until the teacher has disconnected from it. Much better! Anyone who has an Apple TV can check which software version they have in Settings under the About item.

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