Bigtincan: Digital transformation in enterprise

Complete control over content distribution within your enterprise is critical; sales and service teams need access to the most relevant and up to date content to share and collaborate with colleagues, and create meaningful client engagements.

Bigtincan, the industry’s leading sales enablement automation platform, combines a native iOS app, an intuitive browser based experience, and deep integrations into your existing technology stack, to keep sales, marketing, field service and IT departments connected – empowering your teams to learn faster, sell smarter, and be more productive every day.

According to research, 13 hours per week are spent looking for and creating unapproved marketing collateral (EMI Industry Intelligence Report), and 65% of marketing content is never actually used by sales (SiriusDecisions). With shrinking budgets, and more competition in the market, ensuring that everyone is on the same page is a critical step in the digital transformation process.

Spotlight on retail

Bigtincan is already being used by top retailers worldwide –  and they are reaping the benefits. From side by side selling, to learning and training, and retail execution, Bigtincan enables retail associates to have more meaningful and effective interactions with customers, and automates various manual processes to allow for a more productive and effective workforce.

Side by side selling. 44% of consumers say they typically know more about a product than a store associate (2016 Connected Shoppers Report). Provide sales associates with all the content and information they need to make every customer interaction a truly distinctive experience.

Training. With AI-driven automation, you can accelerate associate onboarding, empower effective coaching, and enable efficient learning.

Collaboration. Stay connected with real-time video and audio-chat, secure messaging for individuals and groups, and tools for linking content to social networks

Merchandise execution. 69% of respondents say that a lack of advanced technologies in store and online is the primary obstacle to improving personalisation in retail (RIS News). Automatically push the latest and most relevant visual merchandising, pricing, and promotional content directly to inventory associates’ mobile devices.

Spotlight on manufacturing

Through working with customers in manufacturing, Bigtincan discovered many of the common pain points that marketing, sales and service professionals are facing in the manufacturing industry – such as a lack of offline access for presentations, difficulty presenting and explaining large or complex machines, and version control. Bigtincan is the solution!

Gain insight into customer interaction. Gain insight into content the sales team is presenting or sharing with customers.

Boost collaboration. Enable content creators to get feedback and collaborate on content directly with the sales organisation.

Track impact. Measure the impact marketing content and sales tools have on the sales pipeline and revenue.

Stay up to date. Automatically deliver the most recent and relevant marketing content to the sales team directly to their tablets or smartphones.

Spotlight on financial services

Bigtincan has been working closely with financial services businesses to automate manual processes, meet regulatory requirements, and enable financial service reps to have more effective and productive engagements with clients.

Presenting with confidence. Automatically deliver the right content directly to an advisor’s mobile device, so they can present any type of content with complete confidence (off or online).

Providing an intuitive experience. The intuitive interface provides an easy-to-use consumer app experience.

Guided selling. Provide a guided selling approach for advisors that effectively engages clients, and measures content utilisation to see what the experts are using.

Monitor usage. Bigtincan helps you govern content usage by providing an audit trail to ensure compliance with regulations.

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