How to achieve a hassle-free, zero-touch iOS rollout

Our iOS lifecycle solutions use tried and tested methodology (we’ve deployed 50,000 devices so far this year!) so iPhone and iPad rollouts are a breeze for not just end users, but the IT staff that support them. Here’s how we make sure your rollout is as efficient as possible…

Without a clear strategy for deployment in place, the headache that often comes with large-scale rollouts can be huge – especially for IT staff tasked with making sure everything goes off without a hitch. There can be the potential for missing kit, company-wide downtime, and end users needing help getting their device working as they should.

With our iOS lifecycle solutions, we take the hassle out of deploying hundreds of devices across your business. Whether your company is new to Apple, already has an Apple estate or has a mixed device environment, we’ll ensure you get the best experience from your mobile technology.

The perfect rollout



Prior to your rollout, end users will be able to log into a dedicated web portal and select their new device from a predetermined list. They’ll also be able to book a collection time and place, and arrange to return their old device. New devices will then be delivered to site at the specified time, ready for end users to collect.


As end users will have pre-booked time slots to collect their devices, you know they won’t all be turning up at once. Our iOS deployments are tracked using a custom app, CAT24, which gives you full visibility of where your rollout is up to, who has received a new device and who has returned their old one.

With CAT24, you can:

– Import employee lists, serial numbers and automatically sync stock before rollout.

– View on hand, in delivery and returned devices, as well as images and employee lists.

– Export details via .csv or integrate into existing business systems.

– Discover employees and check returned device serial numbers.

– Capture images to confirm the quality of returned device for resale.

– Scan and assign new device to employees.

– Have employees sign off receipt of new devices.

– Integrate with SAP and other systems, for live insight.

We’ll also have a member of our friendly, accredited tech team onsite during your rollout, so if there are any hiccups, they can address them and get you back on the right track. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you or your end users have about the new devices, and getting set up.


If required, we can provide training for you and your end users, as well as a support hotline so staff have a dedicated number to call with any queries or issues. We can also provide bespoke collateral that will come with the new device to help get end users up and running as soon as possible, ensuring a hassle-free and informed rollout.

We know that accidents are inevitable, but believe suffering downtime because of them isn’t. With our hot swaps, users can have a replacement device in their hands the same day, and will be kept up to date while we repair the damaged device.

The benefits

We estimate that with a traditional iOS rollout, it could take users up to five minutes to collect a new device and return any old ones. Across 15,000 devices, that equates to 1250 hours, or 167 working days spend across your company deploying new tech.

With our iOS deployments, we can reduce this to less than one minute per device, which means only 250 hours or 33 working days spent on the rollout – that’s a difference of 133 working days!

As well minimal downtime, with a Jigsaw24 iOS rollout you’ll also get:

Reduced admin. Dramatically reduced administration of manually logging assets that is required during a rollout.

On time delivery. We can deploy thousands of devices over agreed timescales – in a recent deployment we rolled out 15,000 devices in six months.

Real-time updates. Throughout the rollout, HR and IT staff will receive clear progress and inventory information in real time.

Reduced support tickets. With rapid repairs, hot swaps and dedicated support hotlines, you could see support tickets reduced by up to 50%.

Improved data security. Significantly improve your data security and brand management with our pre-delivery staging and configuration services.

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