It’s been a busy year…

This year, Jigsaw24, root6 and The Picture Exchange have come together to grow, develop and make life easier for our customers while ContentAgent has branched out to become a standalone company (don’t worry, its excellent workflow automation toolset hasn’t changed). 

To date, we have, among other things, answered over 9000 support calls, supplied 216 editors and colourists with Resolve, installed our 27th Avid S6 and our fourth Dolby Atmos room, teamed up with Amulet, Barnfind and Leader, and became a Quantum Authorised Systems Integrator.

But what does this mean for our customers? Well, in essence, we’ll be providing the same services as always, but better. As three companies, we’ve always had our strengths and weaknesses, but now that we’re working as a single, combined team, we’ll be able to offer all our pro audio and video customers our most comprehensive service yet, delivering everything from control services to high availability SANs, to entire facilities. Additionally, we can cover your more traditional hardware requirements, such as MacBooks for your sales staff or emergency drives.

In one form or another, we’ve been delivering audio and video solutions for the past 20 years, and our team (labelled above) now contains some of the industry’s top technical talent. Between us, we’ve seen every possible pain point our customers encounter, and developed solutions or acquired products to solve them. Whatever challenge you’re facing, we’ve certainly got people who can help.

Since joining together, we’ve worked on a range of fascinating projects, from multi-million pound facility builds in Saudi Arabia, to designing Atmos rooms for Soho houses. We’ve worked with games designers, book publishers, and print operations that are converting to video, bringing our expertise in post and broadcast to customers who aren’t making traditional television, but who do need all the specialist workflow advice, shared storage and asset management knowledge that comes with producing a lot of video.

But our expanded roster of experts have been hard at work with our more traditional base, too. We’ve helped the likes of Twickenham Studios, ITV, The Abbey Road Institute and Spiegel TV continue to evolve their live, post and audio workflows. We’ve also been instrumental in designing a hybrid cloud platform, as we’re confident that facilities who move to external machine room (especially around London) will see tremendous financial benefits without any impact on performance. On top of that, the team have found time to host dozens of events – including our popular Tech Breakfasts series, designed to help facility engineers keep up with the latest standards. (You can sign up for the next one here.)

We want to thank all of our customers for sticking with us through this transition, and are looking forward to seeing more of you in 2018! If there’s anything you’d like to discuss as your facility moves into the new year, you can book a meeting with the team on the details below.

If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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