Meet the experts: David ‘Saxon’ Greenep

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep spent ten years as an in-house mix engineer and producer for EMI and Mute Records, racking up an impressive discography while also working as a musician and composer. He brings a wealth of music production experience to our team, and is the one you want to get hold of to discuss production kit, mixing, and what it’s like to be in a band with Dave Gahan. 

Who’s sick of hearing about sound for picture? 

“If anyone has any questions about music-based production gear, that’s obviously been a huge part of my career and I’m the one in the team to speak to about that. We have Avid S6 and S3 mixing consoles in our demo room, and if you’ve got questions about those, I can run you through them. I think the S6 is evolving into something special, because with every single software update it gets, it gains new aspects that enhance your audio workflow, and I think the speed it’s growing at is pretty exciting. Some of the things it can do right now are pretty awesome. Just drop me an email to book a demo.”

Updating iconic studios

“We’re working on a lot of rooms with really interesting Dante networking in them – a lot of studios now have come up with really cool ways on routing audio via Dante, and achieving Dolby requirements with great new gear such as the JBL Intonato. Halo’s studio is definitely one of them, and a pretty iconic room to have worked on. Their Head of Audio Richard Addis is great, as anyone who’s heard him talking about sound design for VR will know.”

The Atmos whisperer

“Upgrading studios to Atmos-certified rooms is very much my speciality at the moment. A lot of people have 5.1 and 7.1 rooms that they’re trying to upgrade to Atmos pre-mix rooms or full Atmos certified rooms, as their high end feature customers are looking for that certification before they’ll use the room. A lot of facilities we speak to aren’t sure what the requirements for the different certifications are, which is something we can help with, as well as providing the actual hardware and working with you to configure their rooms.”

Avid welcomes Ambisonics 

“Ambisonics is a spherical system for 3D sound that’s popular for VR audio, and that it’s now integrated into Pro Tools in the same way that they integrated Atmos panning is very interesting. They’re also including Facebook’s Spatial Workstation plug-in as part of Pro Tools | HD as standard now, so it’ll be far easier for people to mix audio for 360 degree video and VR headsets.”

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