Meet the experts: Joffrey Ghiringhelli

Our Audio Business Development Manager, Joffrey Ghiringhelli, clocked up several years as an audio engineer in post facilities before spending over a decade looking after Avid systems across the globe as their Principal Expert for audio. Now, he’s bringing his wide-ranging experience to bear to ensure our customers get the best solutions possible, whether they need solutions for audio, video, infrastructure or a bit of all three…

“Now that root6, Jigsaw24 and Picture Exchange have all teamed up, I think we have a level of expertise that’s unique among resellers. Whether the customer is working in a traditional studio, is a broadcaster looking to move into audio, or is reviewing their infrastructure because they’re planning on implementing not only audio, but much more, there’s someone on our team who has experience of that environment and can help design the best possible solution.”

Embracing technological evolution

“I’m basically a bit of an evangelist for the company – the guy who goes out and shakes hands and spends time with our customers so that we can understand their challenges and solve them, and makes sure people understand we’re not the kind of reseller who’s going to abandon you after the sale. But I also have a very technical background, so I understand customers’ challenges and requirements from that point of view too, and can help them embrace technology and really understand what’s available to them now.”

Pushing boundaries with Dolby

“The good thing about Atmos is that makes you push the boundaries of studio design further. It’s moving people away from just sticking to connecting speakers to an audio interface, because they’re now having to think about their network, they’re thinking about how things talk to each other, they’re thinking about their infrastructure. And we’re working with them to build something unique every time, and making sure we constantly reassess what technology is best for purpose.”

Around the world with Avid

“If you have any Avid pro-audio-related questions or want consultancy around that workflow, I have the experience to help. I spent ten years at Avid as a pre-sales and field services engineer, then as their Principal Expert for audio. I was travelling all around the world to build commissioned mixing desks and systems, train people, and service desks, and have done everything from studio work to broadcast to live sound, in places from South Africa to Iceland.”

Joffrey has over 15 years’ experience in the post, studio and broadcast sectors, and can provide everything from workflow and systems design through to technical training and strategic advice. If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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