Meet the experts: Jamie Allan

We found Jamie Allan running a multimedia business providing live event AV services, live video mixing and projection, photography, concert DVD production and documentary work. With such a varied skillset, he quickly made himself indispensable and has spent the last 11 years helping Jigsaw24 customers navigate the pitfalls of facility design, post workflows and DaVinci Resolve systems. 

Working from the ground up 

“One of the things I specialise in at Jigsaw24 is complete facility design. If you’re looking at a greenfield site, or starting a new facility or department, I can look at your business requirements and projections, take an imprint of your existing business plan and your clients’ expectations, and make sure the facility you design and implement gives you all the tools you need to deliver on those requirements now and go beyond them in the future. I’m also talking to people about zero-footprint expansion, so they can move big, heavy kit into datacentres rather than paying higher rents on it in London, and expand their facilities without having to increase the amount of kit they keep in the building.”

Growing with our customers

“It’s been great to see companies grow over the years – companies like Timeline, who we’ve worked with as they’ve grown from a small team to running BT Sport, and Goldcrest, whose move into feature film post-production was a big thing for Soho and for us. Working with customers over a number of years and helping them grow is the most interesting part of my job.”

The many faces of DaVinci Resolve

“We were the first ever reseller in the UK to supply DaVinci Resolve and Revival back in 2010, and following its development with all the major facilities that use it, like Company 3, Goldcrest and Smoke and Mirrors, is something I’ve worked on consistently over the years, and I’m very proud of our work with Resolve. The application itself is much broader now than it was in version six, and people want to talk about it from different angles. We can help you understand how it will work best with your company, not just how it would work for a major film or post-production facility. Whereas other systems are pitched solely at the high end, Resolve is so scalable now that you need a consultant who understands how it scales and how it will work best for you.”

HDR (almost) demystified

“A hot topic at the moment is the delivery of HDR and 4K content to the new kids on the block, Amazon and Netflix. Traditional broadcasters are catching up and starting to ask for the same things for their OTT platforms, and the complexity of HDR deliverables is something that a lot of our customers are talking about, especially as things are set to get more complex before they’re finally standardised. We’re helping people to adjust their colour grading workflows, monitor calibrations and colour pipeline design to accommodate the deliverables.”

Inspiring the next generation of media pros

“I really enjoy helping our clients in Higher Education bring through the next generation of people into our industry, it’s something that has always really excited me. Helping the major media universities take our knowledge and put it into their courses and their infrastructure is really satisfying – the best thing is when you meet people who have gone through a course that you helped with, or used kit that you designed and put in.”

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