Pick a monitor and we’ll tell your future

Audio product specialist and amateur mystic Rob Holsman has read his tea leaves, rattled his runes and studied his bird omens, and now all he needs is for you to tell him your preferred monitor brand before he makes a startlingly accurate prediction about your future.


The Curator. November will be a good month for tying up loose ends and clearing the backlog existing projects before the new moon in December heralds a departure from existing workflows, but beware of clearing out unused assets – an upcoming project will be tailor made for work you have already done! Beware of a plug-in offer that looks to good to be true though, as phasing issues may cause more problems than they solve. Your lucky hat type is Trilby and your power letter is H.


The Bull – Your tempestuous nature will serve you well when it comes to making snap decisions – follow your instincts and go with your first mix hunch to let that shine, as endless revisions – while being more technically refined – may tend towards the mediocre and now is the time to be individual. Let it shine! December may be a good time to adjust your speaker placement, and invest in some new shoes. Your lucky fruit for December is pomegranate and your power number is 10.


The Cyclone. There is a new collaboration on the cards over the next few months but proceed with caution when faced with a choice. A lot can hinge on first impressions, so choose what to wear on your first meeting carefully. In particular beware of potential collaborators with Gmail accounts as this represents a potential clash personality over small details which can derail the creative process. December is a good month for reworking your signal chain as you will finally solve an issue which has been bothering you. Your lucky cloud type is cirrostratus and your power shape is Rhombus.


The Unicyclist. The interaction of Jupiter this month means its time for a change in approach. If you’re a stickler for old school then embracing new technology will give you a new perspective while if you’re used to working “in the box” then now is time to go back to some belt and braces approaches to spark your creativity. A tricky choice between 2 microphones will require a mixture of blind testing and gut instinct – but beware of being led astray by looks. Beware of Chinese products and anyone offering constructive criticism wearing an aran cable knit sweater. Your lucky horse is piebald and your power word is “nomenclature”.


The Salvager. A tricky project will have you scratching your head in December. When in doubt, go back to basics – starting over can seem like a big job but quicker in the long run that hunting for the cause of the issue. Checking for phase cancellation at the start will be prudent and any investment in metering will have paid dividends by mid-January so don’t skimp. There is potential for disaster if a microphone stand isn’t up to scratch. Your lucky neckwear is a Windsor knot tie and your power stationary is the orange highlighter.


The Wandbearer. Taking on too much in November could have consequences as there are some unexpected opportunities in December that will be helped by having a clean slate to work on. Avoid rash decisions by colour coding and beware of any projects where fruit is a prominent theme. A past collaborator will come back into your life around the 28th and will introduce you to some new equipment which will be indispensable over the next year. Your lucky garden implement is the watering can and your power meat is bacon.


The Satellite. November is a month to take stock of what you are currently using and look to break out of your mould as there is potential for a creative rut. Set aside some time to play with demo versions and get some new inspiration – there are things you no longer use which are taking up space and a clearout will give you a bit of much needed space and some extra money. Beware of anyone using the word “leopard print” as they may have ulterior motives for advice offered on a personal basis. Your lucky sport is body boarding and your power fish is the Tench.


The River. When creativity hits a wall around the 25th, look to nature for inspiration. Let the ascension of Pisces lead you outside and take time to see the flow of life – the cause of the blockage will become clear through casual observation. Slow upload speeds will hamper a project in December so seek out some alternatives to avoid frustration. A new monitor controller may reveal phasing issues that have been causing problems. Your lucky menu command is Quantise and your power cable is IEC.


The Quantum Magician. From the 3rd of December until the new moon in January, there is direct opposition in the celestial houses of both Cards and Lords, leading you to overlook some fundamental basics. Pay close attention to harmony and tuning from the 15th, or you risk spending hours wondering why things aren’t sitting properly in a mix. Microphone placement will play a big part throughout November so refresh your knowledge now before it is called upon, and there are signs that a fresh approach to automation will yield unexpected positive results on Sunday. Your lucky utensil is the colander and your power chord is A#.

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Rob H
Rob H
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