Decking out your iPad for video

As you may have seen, pupils at Langley Grammar School have produced a great Student Voice video about how they use iPad in the classroom (if you missed it, you can check out their impressive results below). The school’s Digital Leaders only had a day to plan, shoot and edit the video, all on their iPads.

While most schools are already au fait with iMovie and GarageBand – and indeed, those are the tools that Langley’s Digital Leaders relied on – there are loads of apps and accessories out there to help you take advantage of iPad’s excellent camera, whether you need a hand planning a shoot, capturing footage or editing it. We asked our team to recommend a few in case anyone was inspired to follow in Langley’s footsteps…

Before the shoot

For planning a shoot, Paper is a popular app for general note-taking, and the ease with which students can draw and share means it’s a quick fix if you want to create storyboards digitally. If you’re looking for more simplistic tools, students could use Keynote to storyboard their project, or even create an album in Photos and order their pictures and existing footage prior to placing them in iMovie.

During the shoot

Apple have also released Clips, a free app for making and sharing videos with text, graphics and effects – essentially, a simplified version of iMovie. It’s ideal for children just starting to learn video production with iPad. You can capture footage within the app and use intuitive tools to edit and post to various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

If you need to keep an iPad still for long shots, say to record an interview, or so it can be used as an autocue, then mounting it on a tripod is your best bet. B-Hague’s mounts work with iPad 2, 3 and 4, and can be mounted to a tripod, ball head, clamp, bracket or anything with a standard 1/4″ camera screw or 5/8″ stud. If your students are expanding their editing skills, the Lastolite Chromakey collapsible reversible background can be used in video setups for when a background will be added digitally in the editing stage.

Ideal for younger pupils who haven’t quite grasped that you shouldn’t shoot in portrait mode, or for any pupils who struggle to hold their camera steady, Horizon Camera restricts what your camera shoots to a stable, well-proportioned landscape image. Regardless of how much you move the camera, the resulting footage always looks right when it’s displayed. The free version watermarks your footage, but you can upgrade to the premium version for £1.99 and unlock a whole range of additional features, and footage can be opened in iMovie so that it can be edited along with your other clips.

Also available to further utilise your iPad for production is Teleprompter Lite, a free app that allows you to create and edit unlimited scripts, set the scrolling speed, preview your performance using the iPad camera and set a custom background to what students are most comfortable reading from. Perfect for projects that involve students reading in front of the camera, such as news reading or creating intros.

How can we help?

Our education team are on hand to get you up and running if you’re ready to get your students planning, shooting and editing video. Get in touch to find out how we can help with everything from choosing the right kit to financing in a way that best suits you.

We also offer a great range of training options for your teachers, to ensure they’ll be confident using the various video production tools in the classroom. We can even come in and help you set up a production space, a multi-purpose environment where students can explore their video skills and get the most use out of the tools.

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