Free trial of the RollerMouse Red Productivity Mouse!

We’ve got a great new promo running where you can receive a 30 day trial of the RollerMouse Red by Contour Design – completely free!

As a creative professional, we know you spend most of your working day in front of a computer. We also know that using a traditional mouse can cause strain and fatigue when used constantly. The RollerMouse Red not only alleviates these problems, but it can also help you develop a more efficient workflow.

We’re giving you the chance to try this out for yourself, with a free 30 day trial of the RollerMouse Red!

The mouse

The RollerMouse Red allows you to work faster and reduce mouse fatigue, with a range of features designed to improve productivity and alleviate strain.

Efficient position. The RollerMouse puts cursor control right in front of your keyboard, and speeds up workflow by removing the need to reach or find your standard mouse each time you need to move your computer cursor. Placing both hands close to your keyboard shortcuts also helps to reduce the time you take to complete your edits.

Speedy edits. Capable of high cursor speeds, the RollerMouse is also completely at home navigating across multiple monitors and requires no need for open desk space like a standard mouse. Adjustable cursor speeds also give you greater flexibility at the press of a button; fast speeds for timeline editing, but slower for more detailed image edits.

Accurate tracking. Perfect for complex edits, the RollerMouse is adjustable up to 2400dpi, with tracking measured within the roller-bar rather than across a potentially uneven desk. The RollerMouse provides a uniquely stable platform, allowing you to focus on where the cursor is going, rather than on where the computer mouse is placed.

Configure it. The RollerMouse is plug and play on a PC or Mac, and will work via USB without the need for additional drivers. Whilst the most common mouse functions are pre-configured, you can reprogram any button to the function that best suits you.

Reduce fatigue. RollerMouse Red’s central positioning takes away awkward reaching and leaning associated with a standard computer mouse. Ambidextrous in design, it allows for gentle fingertip control so you can be more relaxed as you work. As well as encouraging good posture, it encourages you to adopt a relaxed hand and arm position.

The trial

To see how well the RollerMouse Red can improve your workflow and make your workspace more comfortable, you can get in touch with our team to arrange a free 30 day demo of the mouse.

You will be asked to fill out a loan form, and we’ll then ship the unit out to you to test. If after 30 days you decide you wish to keep the mouse, we’ll simply send you an invoice!

Get in touch to arrange your free 30 day demo of the RollerMouse Red by calling our sales team on 03332 400 888 or by emailing For all the latest news and updates you can follow us on Twitter @WeAreJigsaw24 and like us on Facebook.

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