Here’s why you need NewTek’s IP Series Studio Input Module

If you’re already on board with NewTek or are looking to streamline your live production workflow, the IP Series Studio Input Module is one bit of tech you don’t want to go without. 

The Studio Input Module offers up seamless expansion of your current TriCaster production capabilities. Whether you’re sticking with SDI or you’re taking those IP workflow baby steps, you’ll be pleased to hear that it adds four SDI inputs, four NDI inputs or a combination of the two to your existing TriCaster setup, as well as a single return feed/output.

Combining SDI compatibility with IP flexibility, the NewTek IP Series integrates into your current infrastructure, while priming your facility for the future. 

You’ll get four extra 3G, HD-SDI and SD SDI video sources, in any combination of supported formats, resolutions and frame rates. This allows four realtime input conversions and transmission of common IP video stream formats with virtually zero latency. That means you can expand your current workflow by adding any cameras or other SDI-based products to your TriCaster setup without having to upgrade your hardware.

The beauty of this camera input module is because it’s IP, it can be located anywhere on your network. Cameras will connect straight into your TriCaster, without any installation or any extra cabling.

Simply put, instead of a single direction dedicated video cable for each video signal (e.g. SDI) an IP-based workflow means you can plug your production kit into ethernet ports instead of installing expensive video cabling. This revolutionises the connectivity between your control room or across your facility, connecting systems, users, and departments.

The Studio Input Module also provides flexible audio integration, supporting the input and delivery of digital and analogue audio sources, and native and embedded audio support for input and output over NDI.

If you’re still undecided on an NDI-based IP workflow and want to know what all the fuss is about, check out our article covering all the big IP announcements at IBC 2016.

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