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The flexibility, ease of use and straight-up sound quality of Sonos wireless media systems has made Sonos one of the most recognisable brands for audio playback. It’s now installed in millions of homes and businesses around the world, and has become so prevalent that it has almost become a standard.

Sonos is rapidly becoming the reference speaker for content producers – after all, if you wan to check what your content sounds like, it makes sense to be referencing it on the same system that your audience will be using. So, what is it that makes Sonos so good?

Exception sound quality

Sonos speakers aren’t your average speakers – they have a studio heritage. Giles Martin of Abbey Road Studios has been involved in the development of their current range of speakers after being impressed with a pair of Play:1’s. Sonos asked for his feedback, and, based on his advice, were able to further enhance the sound quality of their speakers. As a result, they are now used as a reference point in one of the most famous studios in the world.

Click here to read more about Giles Martin’s involvement with Sonos.

The ideal speaker for non ideal acoustics

Acoustically treating a room to ensure optimal sound for playback can be a very expensive process. Sonos have developed Trueplay – an app which analyses the acoustics of your room and speaker placement and adjusts the speaker response accordingly. Free to use, all you need is an iOS device and in under 10 minutes you can calibrate your speakers to produce a near-perfect response, even in the most non-ideal conditions.

Complete flexibility

Audio is streamed between the app and the speakers over your existing WiFi network, meaning that installation and setup is very simple. It’s easily scalable too – you can start with just one Play series speaker and add more as your needs grow. Use a single speaker, or add a second to make a stereo pair, then add another speaker or two to a dedicated listening room and send your finished mixes there. Why not build a 5.1 setup with more speakers and a sub, and even preview a video project on a client speaker by adding the Playbar.

Every Sonos speaker on your network becomes available as part of a scalable listening system, where all speakers can be controlled individually or grouped as you like.

Sound from any source

With Sonos, you can stream music from all the major services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tune In, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon Music, Napster and Tidal among others. You can also stream locally stored music from an iTunes library on your device or from shared storage.

If you have external sources you want to connect, the Sonos Connect even lets you add CD players, DVDs, tape decks or vinyl into the mix. No matter what you want to reference your sound against, Sonos puts it right under your fingertips.


Lets be honest – good looks are important if you’re dealing with clients, and Sonos speakers are certainly no ugly ducklings. They integrate easily into any environment with the dedicated range of Flexion desk-mounts, floor stands, wall-mounts or ceiling mounts.

If you want to experience the power of Sonos for yourself, you’re welcome to come to our Golden Square demonstration suite and immerse yourself in top-quality sound.

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