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It seems these days that drones are popping up in every aspect of our lives, whether we’re exploring abandoned theme parks or simply ordering our online grocery shopping. Now, with Yuneec’s range of clever drones, they’re even following us as we carve out wicked downhill bike trails.

Or so the Yuneec Typhoon H’s unveiling at CES 2016 showed, as a mountain biker careered around an on-stage course followed and filmed agonisingly closely by the drone, at one point even dodging a falling tree. Crazy stuff. You see, Yuneec’s Typhoon H has Intel’s RealSense technology integrated into its brains, which helps it sense and avoid obstacles while in flight.

Just check out the CES launch video below and then try and tell us you don’t need this drone in your life…

And here’s the official product vid from Yuneec…

Yuneec Typhoon G

Admit it, you’re thinking about buying a drone, aren’t you? Luckily, we have the Yuneec Typhoon G is available for you to buy right now from Jigsaw24. For anyone into extreme sports, or looking to get a unique aerial shot in their photography, the Yuneec Typhoon G is ideal. It’s completely compatible with GoPro cameras, so if you’re already shooting with one, you’re ready to go – just hook up your GoPro to the Typhoon G using the clever gimbal for incredibly stable imaging from the skies. It gives you:

– Up to 25 minutes flight time.

– Personal Ground Station with built-in touchscreen.

– 3-axis precision gimbal for GoPro.

– Up to 400m direct digital video down link.

– Dedicated App compatible with GoPro.

– SteadyGrip for GoPro to capture stable footage on the ground.

Yuneec Drones on Jigsaw24

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