Weekly design inspiration: Adobe CC easter eggs, Co-op meets Apple and horrifying bunnies

Seeing as we’ll all probably still be in bed this time next week, we’re bringing Easter forwards a week and compiling our favourite picks of Easter inspiration now. We’ve found some lovely, techy and downright creepy Easter projects to share with you. Take a look, and don’t forget to send us yours…

Hidden Adobe CC Easter eggs

We’ll start with a serious one (well serious, for us). We’ve been looking at the hidden ‘easter eggs’ software developers hide within their programs. It’s all an element of jovial fun and can be anything from a hidden message, joke or full-blown game. Adobe have followed suit and built in a selection of useful and comical hidden tools into the latest update of their Creative Cloud applications. You can make coffee and toast in Photoshop and unlock hidden strokes in InDesign. Our Senior Designer, Paul, is particularly tickled by meeting the InDesign friendly alien. Take a read of the article on highlander.co.uk and try them out for yourself!

Hidden Adobe CC Easter Egg

Hidden Adobe CC easter egg whisky cat

Adobe CC hidden Easter egg

Adobe CC hidden Easter egg


Hidden Adobe CC Easter eggs via highlander.co.uk

Co-op does Easter

Co-op has teamed up with creative agency Amaze to produce an Easter egg promo site which is a wonderfully light-hearted Apple parody. It really is a ‘triumph in ergonomics’. It features everything from an Easter egg comparison chart to a section on ‘your local Easter Egg-sperts’ – there’re so many egg puns, you can see why we love it!

Co-op easter marketting

Co-op easter marketting

Co-op Easter marketting

Co-op Easter campaign via Easterlovedbyus.com

An egg timer app you can rely on

We class this next piece as Easter inspiration simply because there’s an egg involved. Simon, from our design team, presented us with a review of the best free egg timer apps on the market, resulting in ‘Egg timer app’ from the ‘Egg Farmers of Canada’ coming out on top. If you’re sick of hard-boiling an egg that was meant for your soldiers or you keep drying out your scrambled eggs, you need this free app. The only downside from us was that we expected some sort of chicken miracle graphic to appear when our eggs were done – not to ruin the surprise, but it’s just your standard ‘your eggs are ready’ notification. You can download the ‘Egg timer app’ from the App Store here.

Egg timer app design inspiration

Egg timer app from Egg Farmers of Canada

Fabergé egg installation at Harrods

Chances are, if you put an iPad in the front of your store, we are going to play with it. This is exactly what Harrods have done this year as part of their Easter window display. They’ve teamed up with jewellers Fabergé (who are currently hosting a pop-up egg bar in the store) to get customers to design their own Fabergé egg using the iPad in-store. Their designs are then projected onto a 1.5m-long egg in the shop window. Take a look at the installation video below – we’ll certainly be paying the Knightsbridge store a visit to check it out!

Fabergé egg installation at Harrods via eventmagazine.co.uk

Easter bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead

We should warn you, this next piece might scar you and ruin the Easter bunny for life. Here we present a collection of images of various Easter bunny costumes throughout the years – seriously, how were people allowed to take photos with children looking like this?! Some of the costumes mysteriously remind us of one specific mask in our staff room…

Easter bunny inspiration

Easter bunny inspiration

Easter bunny inspiration

Creepiest Easter bunny photos ever taken via happyplace.com

If you’re feeling slightly uneasy after that last set of images, take a look at our final Easter-inspired image. Here’s Madison, our Marketing Assistant, after winning her first Easter bonnet competition (deep down, she really is thrilled).

Easter bonnet inspiration

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Drop back in next Friday to see more inspiration from our design team. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below.

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