How to use Guided Access to turn your iPad into an in-store kiosk

It would be great to let your customers have a browse around your eCommerce site on an iPad kiosk, wouldn’t it? It’s certainly a way to bust queues by providing relevant product info without the need to wait for a sales assistant. But how do you make sure they’re not exiting your great content to Instagram a selfie or have a quick blast of Threes?

One of iOS’s inherent features, Guided Access, lets you lock down your iPad onto just one app (Safari, for example) or piece of content, so you can leverage that iPad you have lying around to feature your content, without your customers navigating away from the good stuff, with just a triple-click of the Home button. Now you have another stationary POS or kiosk system where customers can engage with your products, inventory, stock levels and pricing – immediately busting your queues.

How to turn on and use Guided Access

Using the Guided Access feature in iOS is incredibly easy. You don’t need any special admin skills or anything, just follow these quick steps on your iPad:

– First, as with any change to your iPad’s settings, head to ‘Settings’.

– From here, you’ll want ‘General’, then ‘Accessibility’.

– Now scroll down to the LEARNING subheader and you’ll see ‘Guided Access’. This will probably say ‘Off’ next to it.

– You want to turn that feature ‘On’, so tap into it and make sure the slider next to Guided Access is highlighted green.

– That’s it. Now, you can exit out of Settings and open up the app or content you want the user to be locked in to.

– With that open, triple-click the Home button, and a new menu will come up, with your app or content in the middle. From here, you can do a few very cool things:

Disable areas. Using your finger, you can simply circle on the screen around any areas of the app or content that you want to disable. If you’re in Safari, that means you can disable the search/address bar, History, Share and other options that might take the user away from your site.

Restrict buttons and touch. You can also restrict what method of input the user has access to. Under Hardware Buttons, decide whether they can use Sleep/Wake, Volume, Motion and Keyboards. Under Touch, you can restrict whether they can use touch input.

Time Limit. With Time Limit options, you’re able to set a time period for Guided Access to be on, which is handy if you only need to be locked into the app or content for a short period of time.

– You’re now good to go. Tap Start, and you’ll be asked to set a passcode for the Guided Access session (something other than 1-2-3-4 or 0-0-0-0 is usually helpful!).

– The user is now locked into your specific app or content. If they press the Home button, they will be prompted to triple-click, which in turn requires your passcode (which you’ve definitely remembered or saved somewhere safe…) to turn off.

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