Business iPad app of the month: iZettle

This month, our iPad app of the month is one for retailers. We’re looking at iZettle, a free app and a new way of taking card payments and growing your business. Use iZettle alongside a secure card reader and analytics to keep track of all of your sales. 

What is it?

iZettle is a free app that when paired with a card reader works to take payments for goods. The app is designed for use on both iPhone and iPad, so is great for those of you who want to take your business with you on the move.

How does it work?

iZettle provides you with the tools to start, run and improve your business. Run your business from your smart phone or tablet by uploading your products to the app and organising them into folders (think of this as your online store). Set the app up with a card reader so you can take payments for your goods in a quick and easy manner. Finish things off by keeping track of your payments: iZettle allows your customers to choose between receipt via email or print and it keeps track of all your transactions for you in case you ever need to refer back.

Who is it for?

iZettle is great for small and micro businesses. The app itself is free, the only cost you need to take into consideration is getting yourself a secure and reliable card reader. Lo and behold,  iZettle sell them too, and at £59 inc VAT their mobile Chip and PIN reader lets you accept secure card payments anywhere.

What’s the best feature?

After paying out for your card reader there are no other monthly fees or rental charges. Instead merchants are charged for sales. There are no fixed charges per transaction, but there is a sliding scale ranging from 2.75% to 1.5% of your sales, with the percentage lowering the more sales you make.

How much is it and where can I get it?

The app itself is free to download on the App Store here. Visit the iZettle website to get your hands on their £59 Chip and PIN reader.

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