Mac chit-chat, beer and bacon… sounds like our type of event

On the 21st October 2014, we’re co-sponsoring the ‘Macbrained Community Meetup’ event in Minneapolis. The event comprises of Mac admins from around the world gathering at the ‘Day Block Brewing’ pub to learn more about existing Mac communities, share tips, build successful communities and broaden Mac awareness.

There’s also beer and a thing called ‘bacon flights’ too. We Googled bacon flights and it turns out to just be a massive platter of bacon – we are not complaining. It’s also free – so that’s free beer, bacon and Mac advice. When’s the next flight to Minneapolis please?

Described by the hosts Macbrained, as ‘the best sponsors on earth’ (their words, not ours), we’re teaming up with RobotCloud and Oomnitza to sponsor this amazing event. So Mac Admins around the world, this is your chance to attend the Macbrained Community Meetup. Register for the event here.

Putting free bacon and beer to one side for just a moment, the event is a great way for the Mac admin community to get together, share knowledge and learn more from each other about starting communities in their areas. Macbrained also share their own tips for building successful Mac communities and broadening Mac awareness. All in all, Macbrained want this event to be a fun way for Mac admins to ‘socialise, share best practices and a lot of bacon’ as well as, and we quote, ‘par-tay’.

For more information about this event, where it’s held and at what time, click here

To visit the Macbrained website and find out more about what they do, click here.

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