Amulet Hotkey promise next gen of PCoIP cards will use new Tera2 chipset

More and more facilities are relying on KVM over IP to perform post tasks – a system whereby editors can remote into any workstation from anywhere, over just a standard IP connection, using any keyboard, display and mouse.

Amulet Hotkey's leading KVM solution runs on the popular, trusted Teradici standard (the nearest thing to an industry standard for KVM over IP), and can be added to your systems using an internal card or an external rack mounted solution. It's long been popular in areas like finance, but has rapidly gained traction in post circles where there's a demand for remote editing because its public key encryption system means it's the most secure way to extend your clients' desktops when you're under NDA or having to meet strict intellectual property standards.

Already using Amulet? It's about to get even better...

To keep up with the demands of post customers, Amulet Hotkey have announced that they'll be releasing updated versions of their DXR-H4 external cards (for new readers, that's the card that allows your remote computer to connect to the workstation back at base).

The updated version will use the latest 'Tera2' chipset from Teradici, giving them access to a feature set which includes support for monitors over 24" and adding support for quad screens at 1920x1200 and dual screen setups at 2560x1600. Software stability updates for use with Media Composer and Smoke on Linux have been rolled out.

The other great news is that mixed racks of Tera1 and Tera2 cards will be able to work together, so there's no pressure to instantly replace all of your existing Amulet gear.

Not heard of Amulet Hotkey before? Here's why they're good... 

Any network will do While some KVM over IP solutions require a dedicated 1Gb connection, Amulet Hotkey delivers workable results over any network – in tests, our engineers were able to connect to and work on a workstation using Media Composer over a standard home internet connection. In other tests, users in Amsterdam have been able to remote into workstations in London with no noticeable impact on performance.

Industry standard encryption If you need to comply with FACT and MPAA regulations, Amulet Hotkey is your best bet. They are the only KVM over IP solution proven to use AES128/256 bit encryption.

Industry standard connection brokering No matter how many users you need to support or what level of security you need, Amulet Hotkey solutions can be adapted to fit, either through their own lightweight management console, or with help from the Leostream suite of authentication and management tools.

No single point of failure Amulet's uniquely simple system architecture means that even a large estate continues to operate if the connection broker server fails.

The closest thing to an industry standard for KVM over IP Amulet Hotkey uses Teradici architecture, the most widely supported architecture for KVM over IP. It's supported by VMware, Dell, LG, Samsung, and many major monitor manufacturers.

On a per-seat basis, Amulet is the best value of the established KVM over IP systems This point is fairly self-explanatory.

If you need to enable long-distance collaboration and on-location editing without compromising on security, Amulet Hotkey's DXiP solution allows you to rack mount 12 DXR cards (which can be a mixture of Tera1 and Tera2 cards) into 3U of space, giving you a compact, reliable solution that'll work over the most basic of networks and give you a range of endpoint options, For more information, get in touch on the details below.

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