MOTU AVB 5 Port Switch

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    MOTU AVB 5 Port Switch

    Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

    Jigsaw Code: X789AAJ
    Manufacturer Code: AVBSWITCH

    • Data Transfer Rate: 1Gbps
    • Number of 1GbE RJ45 ports: 5

    Platform:  cross platform cross platform

    Availability:  Estimated 2-3 Days Delivery

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    Audio Video Bridging (AVB) is the exciting new extension to Ethernet specifically engineered for real-time, low-latency, fully synchronized streaming of audio and video over Ethernet. AVB fullfills the promise of a true A/V standard that brings together the worlds of networking technology and professional audio/video. The MOTU AVB Switch? provides five 1-Gigabit AVB ports for any AVB devices (even other switches), plus an extra sixth port for bridging to a standard Ethernet network. Enjoy the many benefits of AVB, including plug-and-play operation, guaranteed quality of service, and self-regulated network resource management.

    Main Features:

    Industry standard IEEE 802.1 AVB Ethernet switch.

    Plug-and-play - supports automatic device discovery and network bandwidth management among connected AVB devices. No IT expertise required.

    Standard cabling - use standard CAT-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cables up to 100 meters.

    1-Gigabit operation - supports high audio channel counts and very low latency.

    Guaranteed quality of service - all existing audio and video streams are maintained, regardless of other network traffic.

    Network-wide clock and sync accurate to nanoseconds.

    Bridging to standard Ethernet for internet and Wi-Fi.

    Advantages of MOTU AVB:

    Host access thru Thunderbolt or US. MOTU is first to combine AVB networking with Thunderbolt and USB2 connectivity. MOTU AVB networks do not require PCIe slots. Instead, you can conveniently connect your host computer(s) through USB or Thunderbolt.

    Support for multiple computer hosts. A MOTU AVB network can host as many computers as can be physically connected, with complete access by all hosts to all connected devices and audio streams. All computers and all network devices run in sync with each other, resolved to the network's master clock.

    256 channels of host I/O. Over Thunderbolt, MOTU's AVB interfaces support 256 simultaneous channels of audio I/O (128 in plus 128 out).

    Over 512 streams of network audio. MOTU's AVB network can stream over 500 channels of audio throughout the network. Each MOTU AVB device can broadcast eight 8-channel network streams and simultaneously listen to eight 8-channel network streams.

    Exceptionally low network latency. Standard AVB network latency is 2 ms. MOTU AVB network latency is an astonishing 0.6 ms, even over 7 "hops" (switches) and hundreds of meters of cable. By comparison, Cobranet has variable (unpredictable) network latency in the range of 5 ms.

    Star configuration. MOTU AVB employs a star network configuration, which is much more flexible than daisy-chain scenarios, which require dependency on all devices in the chain.

    Web interface.MOTU's AVB system can be controlled from MOTU's control software, which runs within any web browser running on any networked laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

    Wireless control. MOTU's AVB system can be controlled wirelessly through its web interface from any networked wireless device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

    One-click synchronization. Click the "Become Clock Master" button in the MOTU AVB web app for the MOTU device you choose as the clock master, and all other devices on the network immediately resolve to it.

    Thunderbolt connection to host computer. MOTU's core system interfaces (1248, 8M, 16A, etc.) can connect to the host computer with Thunderbolt, which allows full access to the entire MOTU AVB system network, streaming 128 channels of audio in and out, simultaneously, even at high sample rates, thanks to Thunderbolt's extremely high bus bandwidth capacity.


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