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If you’re looking to move from a capex to opex finance model, our innovative subscription options provide the perfect framework for all your Apple technology and ancillary services. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of Apple services catering for all your macOS and iOS needs. From a simple warranty to a complete device as a service (DaaS) offering, we have all your Apple needs covered…

We can cover...

Hardware and software leasing
Managed devices and software
Managed cloud/file storage
Device as a service

The benefits

One package

Purchase everything you need for your creative users in one package, including Apple, Adobe, Jamf Pro and Office 365.

Flexible payment options

Pay outright or as an opex-based lease acting as a subscription. Or save money versus a cash-upfront investment.

Predictable budgeting

More predictable budgeting by forecasting asset costs or having guaranteed IT costs per user for three years.

Reduced helpdesk calls

For managed devices services, you'll receive reduced helpdesk calls thanks to the self-service functionality.

Enhanced reporting

The ability to better manage assets and improved reporting on larger estates with managed device services.

More control over data

Quicker authentication or data restore, and improved access and changes, as data centres are local to Jigsaw24.

Hardware and software leasing

We can supply your hardware and software needs either through outright purchase or through an opex-based lease acting as a subscription, which can include or exclude your software or services element as needed. Apple hardware is available through this route as well as the Jamf Pro management suite, the CrashPlan end point backup system and Adobe licensing. Add in Office 365 and you’ll have everything your creative users need to function.

Managed devices and software

Our device management services provides a utility model for management and support using the Jamf Pro management suite. If you have a Mac estate that’s unmanaged, or are partially managed with a generic MDM solution that’s not functionally rich enough to meet your evolving needs, this is for you. The implementation and setup of DEP, VPP and Jamf Pro are all included in this service, with the costs of the setup amortised into the monthly charge, and we have options for hardware break-fix on devices should you need it. We can also include end point backup.

Managed cloud/file storage

We have our own managed colocation racks in datacentres in Central England and London, and also provide services using the public cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Microsoft Azure platform. The services provided utilising our datacentres include: CrashPlan data repositories, virtual servers, hosted server hardware, virtual domain controllers for user authentication and Azure active directory synchronisation. These services are charged for on a monthly subscription model.

Device as a service

Device as a Service (DaaS) is our total lifecycle management solution for your devices, providing a utility model that includes: the device; a 3 year Warranty (either AppleCare or Jigsaw24); support options; provision and implementation of Jamf Pro management; operational management using Jamf Pro management; implementation and commissioning of Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and Volume Purchase Programme (VPP); software update and application packaging.

Example device as a service costs*

13" 256GB MacBook Pro

A three year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £48.26 per device per month.

32GB iPad Pro

A three year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £17.81 per device per month.

32GB iPhone 7

A two year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £23.05 per device per month.

*These are estimated costs and subject to minimum quantities and business credit ratings.

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