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WiFi and networking

Making sure your infrastructure is as reliable as your staff

Lack of connectivity slowing you down?

It’s usually the iPad devices and other creative technology that get all the plaudits for their teaching and learning benefits, but the real unsung heroes work behind the scenes. We’re talking about WiFi, networking, servers and storage. They might not be the most exciting aspect of your tech, but without them, you’re going to struggle to support a large device deployment. Luckily we provide solutions to ensure your WiFi and network are up to scratch, and you’re backed up with reliable storage.

Our solutions


WiFi is one of the most important things to consider before rolling out a deployment of mobile or notebook devices. Having structured cabling and switches is also very important to ensure your wireless is fast and reliable. Without full integration between your access points, cabling and switches you might suffer from signal black spots, slow-loading files and web pages, and the indignity of dropping off the network because too many people in the IT lab next door are on the WiFi at the same time.

The top solution we recommend for keeping classrooms connected is from Aruba Networks, a HP company, and we can also provide a full installation service which includes structured cabling and switches to ensure your WiFi is working effectively, and ongoing support.

Aruba Virtual Controller technology delivers enterprise-grade WLAN capabilities – that basically means it's high performance, scalable and secure.

Aruba is resilient to failure – if an access point fails, another one takes on its job so you don’t get any disruption.

Manage multiple networks really easily. Configure and manage it through the built in web interface or centrally.

Security and eSafety

When giving out a raft of mobile devices to students and letting them go off and access the internet, eSafety is naturally going to be one of your biggest concerns. Not only do you have to make sure pupils aren’t accessing anything inappropriate when they’re online, but you need to be able to keep personal information secure, and remove any risk of bullying or abuse. As well as writing up your own eSafety policy or code of conduct for students to follow, you will need to have actual technology solutions in place (we recommend Lightspeed Systems) that include web filters to restrict what pupils have access to, and a firewall to secure your network and protect students’ devices from viruses and dodgy websites. 

Lock down specific content and keep students away from anything you absolutely don't want them to see in lessons.

Pick and choose what different groups have access to, and even create different admin groups to let teachers have control over what students can access in their department.

Keep students safe at home, with a solution that can manage and restrict access in any kind of environment including a bring your own device (BYOD) setup, whether students are on or off the school network.

Servers and storage

Two more things it’s very important to consider in your technology deployment are your servers and storage. A server gives everyone in the school access to centralised files and folders on the network, while storage solutions make sure all your resources and wonderful content you and students have made like video and audio are all backed up and secure (and not just on disparate USB drives or saved to the desktop). If you think yours might be in need of an upgrade, get in touch with the team for a free review!

Tailor-made server and storage equipment built based on your needs and requirements by the team here at Jigsaw24.

Save time and headaches by letting us connect up devices at your school and give you an overview of how the whole system works.

Perfect storage solutions for the classroom, including a wide range of portable, rugged external hard drives.

Is your system running too slowly and becoming unreliable? We can advise on how to get your servers and storage working more efficiently together.

Using leasing and parental contribution schemes to develop a sustainable 1:1 deployment

Meadowdale Academy wanted to roll out a 1:1 iPad scheme in order to challenge their high achievers and encourage creativity across the curriculum. 

Find out how we helped them with a sustainable 1:1 scheme that would deliver value for pupils and parents without putting too much strain on the school budget, or excluding pupils from low-income families.

“[The new network] had a huge impact on staff morale and on their confidence in the IT systems of the school, which had previously been low. Our staff were amazed at the speed at which the improvements took place.”

Vikki Dodd, Head of Computing, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

What can we do?

Get tailored tech – IT solutions for every level.

Whether you’re after iPad or need more advanced, industry-standard IT creative tech, we provide solutions for every education level.

Get expert advice – Ask us about our consultancy.

Our team can talk you through a tailor-made solution based on your needs and budget, translating IT technician speak for teachers.

Get all set up – We can help with installation.

Our networking experts can provide a full system that includes everything from new access points to brand new speedy cabling.

Get futureproof – Our sustainable solutions.

We offer solutions that are scalable, so your WiFi can expand as the number of your WiFi-hungry devices does, with predictable budgeting too.

Get supported – Our tech support team.

We provide a dedicated point of contact who knows your system inside out, so you can be sure your school has minimal downtime if anything goes wrong.

Get peace of mind – Our ongoing maintenance.

We offer contracts that include phone and remote support, dedicated Education Managers and Trainers, purchasing portals, training and more.

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