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Accessibility with Apple: Exceptional learning for everyone

We can give your students the opportunities they deserve, no matter what their needs are.

Accessibility with Apple: Exceptional learning for everyone

We can give your students the opportunities they deserve, no matter what their needs are.

Addressing the SEND challenge

It’s vital that teachers are able to provide SEND students with the means of accessing the curriculum and learning within institutions. In the past, specialist technology has been the only option for young people with disabilities. Not only does this cost a lot, it’s difficult for schools to address the individual needs of every student without singling them out in lessons.

In a nutshell…

Apple devices can help you give SEND students the equal learning opportunities.

We can help you use Apple’s accessibility features to reduce specialist hardware costs.

We know how to use iPad to support independent learning for SEND students.

We’ll help you take full advantage of Mac in the classroom, so everyone can use professional apps.

Why support SEND students with Apple?

Great tools for all abilities

Every student has a right to a quality education. In our experience, Apple devices – from iPhone to Mac – have accessibility features that let everyone communicate and learn. Not only are they intuitive and easy to use, but they have a huge selection of award-winning assistive technologies as standard. So, whether students need support with their vision, hearing, mobility or more – we can help you unlock their potential.


iPad is a powerful assistive device, helping people with disabilities experience and engage with lessons like never before. Blind students can use VoiceOver to hear exactly what’s on the screen – including describing images – while using gestures or a braille display to navigate menus. Deaf students can connect hearing aids to iPhone and iPad, while FaceTime and iMessage help them communicate without sound. And with Switch controls and voice control, iPad also supports those with restricted mobility. What’s more, all the features are customisable to the unique needs of individual students.

Accessibility tools on iPad

Voice Control. Tell your iPad exactly what you want to do.

VoiceOver. Hear what’s happening on your screen.

Switch Control. Tap and pinch without tapping and pinching.

Siri. Easy to use, accurate voice assistance.

Dictation. You say it. iPad types it.

AssistiveTouch. Turn a pinch into a tap.

Hover Text Quickly. Increase the size of what you’re reading.


Like iPad, Mac comes with assistive technology built in. Blind or low vision students can use the screen reader or magnification to read the screen easier, while deaf students can take advantage of FaceTime or iMessage just like on iPad. And for those who can’t use a mouse and keyboard, Switch Control and voice commands mean they can find other ways to experience learning on Mac.

Accessibility tools on Mac

VoiceOver. Hear what’s happening on your screen.

Platform Switching. Control your Mac with your iPad.

Siri. Easy to use, accurate voice assistance.

Third party keyboard support. Use the keyboard that’s right for you.

Hover Text Quickly. Increase the size of what you’re reading.

Colour Filters. Customise your display with filters.

Dark Mode. Make everything easier on the eyes.

How we help

iPad and Mac are crucial assistive devices, with accessibility technology built in to help students with a range of differing SEND needs access the curriculum and become independent learners. This is why we believe Apple devices are the best choice for institutions. It’s much more affordable than specialist equipment, and as an Apple Authorised Education Specialist we can help you roll them out for even less. We can also help you find the best software for assisting SEND students and implement those solutions into the curriculum.

“After two years of struggling to encourage one pupil to use specialist equipment, she was given the opportunity to have an iPad in school. She now uses this daily, to access the interactive whiteboard and her near work. Her confidence has returned and unlike when she was using the specialist equipment, she is now able to sit with her friends in the classroom, rather than away from them.” 

Case study quote from Birmingham Sensory Support

How we helped New Bridge MAT

New Bridge Multi Academy Trust is formed of five schools and caters for young people with a statement of SEND or an EHCP. They wanted a 1:1 iPad deployment to support students and training for teachers.

We helped them develop a vision for the programme using our Leading Innovation Programme, which gave them a deep understanding of the role iPad could play in their teaching. The training programme we set up ensures teachers continue to use iPad effectively, and the sustainable leasing model means staff and students always have access to the latest technology.

Learn more about Apple’s assistive technologies

If you want to know more about how Mac and iPad can support disabled students, get in touch with our team for a chat by filling out the form.

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