WiFi for Education

WiFi for Education

Aerohive WiFi for Education

Why WiFi? Arrow

Infrastructure is one of the most important things to consider before rolling out a 1:1 deployment of iPad or notebook devices. Without proper WiFi coverage and capacity, your students and staff are going to struggle to make the most of the devices you’ve invested in, suffering from signal black spots, slow-loading files and web pages, and the indignity of being booted off the network because too many people are in the IT lab next door.

For our education customers, the top solution we recommend for keeping classrooms connected is from Aruba Networks. Read on to find out just what this involves, and how our team's expertise can help get your school's WiFi up to scratch.

Jason, Product Manager

Introducing Aruba Arrow

Robust, high performance WiFi – Aruba Instant uses innovative Virtual Controller technology to deliver enterprise-grade WLAN capabilities – including robust security, performance and scalability.


Really reliable – It's completely resilient to failure too. If an Aruba Instant AP functioning as the primary Virtual Controller fails, another Aruba Instant AP automatically inherits the role of the primary Virtual Controller with no service disruption.


Simple management – Aruba Instant makes managing multiple networks really easy. Aruba Instant can be easily configured and managed through the inbuilt web interface or centrally managed through Aruba AirWave.


Safe web browsing – eSafety is important when it comes to your network, and Aruba's tools help keep students safe online. By integrating with the OpenDNS service, Aruba Instant wireless LANs help schools protect children from inappropriate web sites and content.

predictable budgeting

A secure network – Any worries you may have about security are taken care of. Aruba Instant includes an integrated firewall that inspects, prioritises, blocks or restricts network traffic based on policy.

predictable budgeting

Low cost of ownership – Without the cost of a separate controller for Aruba Instant, and with a lifetime warranty included in the price, both your hardware and operational costs are kept to a bare minimum.

predictable budgeting

What our customers are saying Arrow

"Jigsaw24 did some whole school training with us before we got iPad, and our regional education manager has done quite a few drop-in sessions. If ever there’s a problem we drop him a line and he nips in at lunchtime, and that’s gone down well with staff."  

Kirsty Newton  -   Deputy head, Sound & District Primary School

"We’ll be recommending Jigsaw24. At no point did I feel rushed or pushed, or like I was buying something I didn’t know. And when people ask me questions, I feel like I can answer them because everything was gone through so well with me."  

Beth Darby  -   Head of primary, Silverdale School

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What we offer Arrow

We work closely with Aruba Networks, one of the lead WiFi providers in the UK, and would like to discuss your existing network with you, and recommend how we can help improve it. This could include:

 Wireless surveys that help you find gaps in your network. These include a free heat map to analyse where your best coverage is, and where needs attention (see example to right).

 A ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme so you can spread the cost over two years.

 Affordable and scalable access points (the boxes around your school which allow you to connect to the WiFi).

 Infrastructure advice on the best solutions you’ll need for students to benefit from the latest technologies.

Thinking of trying an iPad 1:1 scheme? Arrow

e7 is the UK’s leading iPad deployment scheme for schools. Focused on the learning benefits of Apple’s tablet, we work with teachers up and down the country to understand how iPad can be successfully rolled out to students on a 1:1 basis.

We offer three distinct programmes:

e7 pilot

e7 pilot
a free of charge 1:1 iPad trial.

e7 for teachers

e7 CPD
continuing professional development training.

e7 1:1

e7 1:1
your final step in becoming a technology leader.

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