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The music department at Weston College decided to help students improve their performance skills by creating a custom app that would allow them to take part in guitar, drum and bass lessons over the web or on an iPad. After we set them up with Sony Z5 cameras and several iPad 2 devices, they were able to put together a professional-looking app, and roll it out not only at the college, but to several secondary schools in the area.

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We stepped in to help Weston College, who having been hit by a combination of growing student numbers and budget cuts, decided to put together their own teaching app. The result was iTutorus, enabling the creation of practical music tutorials that students could review in their own time.

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Why did they come to us?
Hit by falling budgets and rising student numbers, the music faculty at Weston College decided to create video lessons and an iPad app, iTutorus, so that students could learn independently.

What did they need?
Cameras, editing tools and iPad devices to allow their music department to create and deliver an iPad app (and so that media students could brush up their camera skills).

How did we help?
We provided Weston’s media department with Sony Z5 cameras and sourced iPad 2 devices for their music department and some feeder schools.

What were the benefits?
Students in the college and its feeder schools can now use the iTutorus app to learn independently, revisiting content or learning ahead of the class schedule. Tutors can monitor individual progress and provide more specific feedback than before, even though they’re working with larger classes.

“We’ve been working directly with Brett
 at Jigsaw24, and he’s
been constantly solid, dependable and positive. Whenever we’ve had any equipment needs, he’s always been there to advise us, he always gets us the best price and whenever there have been any problems he’s been very quick to respond.”

Paul Raymond, Curriculum Manager, Weston College.

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Weston college students
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