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VBS.TV came to Jigsaw24 when they realised that they needed their creatives to have access to a collaborative environment. After meeting with their Head of Post-Production, we extended their video editing setup with an Xsan solution and new Mac edit suites.

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Why did they come to us? stream content 24 hours a day, so need the fastest possible content creation workflow. When they wanted to make their editing environment more efficient, they gave us a call.

What did they need? wanted to integrate two edit suites with 4TB RAIDs into a larger shared storage setup so that their editing team could collaborate more easily.

How did we help?
We designed an Xsan-based solution that gave them access to higher capacity shared storage. We installed all the components and ensured everything was connected via Fibre Channel for the fastest possible speeds, then tested the connectivity and bandwidth of the setup. We were able to resolve any teething problems early on, and fix the issues that they were having with bad RAM on one of the existing edit suites.

What were the benefits?
It’s now far easier for’s editors to collaborate. Rough cuts and logging can now be done on iMacs and notebooks, rather than taking up time in the main edit suite. And their ongoing support contract means that always have a reliable port of call should something go wrong.

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