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Our Super Support Services

When new IT initiatives are put in place, everything is optimised to your current working practices and policies. However, as the business grows and objectives change, it can become difficult to be certain whether you’re still following best practice, or are handling issues raised in the most efficient way.

As well as providing experienced, certified engineers to deal with any software issues, hardware faults and breakages, our maintenance services are designed to help you ensure your IT setup is always one step ahead of the rest of the business, remaining scalable, adaptable and manageable as your company’s objectives change.

We can even schedule annual ‘health check’ days when one of our engineers will come to your site to tackle persistent issues, advise on alternative practices, and predict where conflicts may arise in the future so that you (or us, if you prefer) can take preventative action before it impacts your end users.

We’re happy to work to Service Level Agreements, partner with existing systems integrators, integrate our help desk and ticketing systems with yours, and do anything else we can do to ensure you can get out of IT quandaries with your sanity and your budget intact.

We can provide onsite engineers, dedicated points of contact offsite, guaranteed break/fix times, emergency hardware loans and specialist support for creative workflows – get in touch with the team on 03332 409 230 or at to find out more.

Dedicated support contracts and
Service Level Agreements

We provide dedicated support contracts that cover your hardware and software. If you’re working in a larger organisation or require a high level of support for a mission-critical Mac system, we can provide a dedicated support contract that covers your hardware devices and software. As well as unlimited phone, email and telephone support, these contracts can include:

  • Onsite maintenance days, when one of our team visits your site to check the health of your system, address ongoing problems, or provide training for your technical team.
  • Collection, repair and return of faulty hardware.
  • Guaranteed break/fix times and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Loan hardware for the duration of your repair.
  • A dedicated point of contact, so you're always talking to someone who understands your system and requirements.

Don't have an in-house tech team? We can offer a broad coverage of technologies and we've built up close relationships with manufacturers and software vendors through selling their products and working with them, so we can help you close those holes in the support net. Our range of expertise means we’re also a faster, cheaper alternative to retraining existing staff if you don’t have the expertise to tackle a new system in-house. We provide support for all current Apple hardware (and a sizeable chunk of legacy models), and can cover most non-Apple systems by request.

We can also design maintenance contracts for your specialist hardware. This can include:

  • Systems where Apple Mac servers and client workstations have been integrated with Windows Active Directory networks.
  • Specialist media application suites (such as those running Avid software or Final Cut Pro).
  • Server and storage systems (e.g. fibre channel SANs, high-end NAS and RAID).

Just getting started? We'll cover the basics

We'll provide phone and email support for any teething troubles, free of charge. If you’ve just bought something from us, we’ll provide phone and email support for any teething troubles free of charge, and will take care of any hardware that seems to be faulty when you receive it.

We provide warranties, resources and training. If you have a long-running issue with your hardware or software, our team are happy to help you find the best way to resolve this under your warranty (for example, it may be easier for you to deal directly with the manufacturer) or help you find resources and training so that you can support your purchases in-house. You can put your queries to the team on 03332 400 999 or at

Specialist support for your creative workflows
Design & Publishing

Tailored, scalable support with guaranteed break/fix times and a dedicated point of contact. Our tailored support for design and publishing workflows is designed to be scalable, so it can change as your business grows or you branch out into new formats. We can provide quick response tech support from a dedicated point of contact, so you’re always working with someone who understands your system, four or eight hour break/fix times for hardware (plus loans of custom workstations for your creatives, so you never miss deadlines as a result of downtime), embedded engineers to keep your key systems in top shape, and more.

See how we help News UK (formerly News International) with support for over 1000 Macs and 500 iPad devices.

Media & Entertainment

Quick response support, hardware loans, custom configured workstations and NBD replacements. Our tailored maintenance can include media and entertainment-specific support, with quick response tech support, remote system fixes, hardware loans (including custom-configured workstations and control panels for software such as DaVinci Resolve) and training. Where available, we can even get replacement components out to you on the same business day for the least possible disruption to your workflow on time-critical systems.

Drop-in repairs at MediaCityUK. Our MediaCityUK office (Position 69 in The Greenhouse) is home to one of our Apple certified engineers, who can provide drop-in repairs, help with self-diagnosing faulty machines if you want to deal with them in-house, and a collection service for new or repaired hardware.

Apple in Business

Proof of concept trials, mobile device management, technical support and hardware loans. If you’re introducing Apple into your business for the first time, we can help departments moving to Mac systems or workers who’ve just received their first iOS device. As well as providing general technical support and loan hardware to ensure you avoid downtime and meet your SLAs, we can provide dedicated, tailored support for mobile device rollouts or proof of concept schemes, including first party Apple apps and any apps that you develop in partnership with us.

Embedded onsite engineers If you expect a high volume of help desk calls on a specific system, we can provide an in-house engineer to supplement your IT team, and arrange for monthly billing of your repairs and support costs, so that your accounts team aren’t attempting to manage as many invoices and payments.

Find out how our onsite engineers made life simpler for the AA.

Apple in Education

We can help with everything from web filters and infrastructure to troubleshooting individual iMacs, notebooks or iPad devices. After several terms of providing our own 1:1 iPad trial scheme, the e7 Project, there’s no-one more current than us when it comes to providing support for Apple devices in the classroom. Our broad expertise means that we can help with everything from web filters and infrastructure to troubleshooting individual iMacs, notebooks or iPad devices.

We can provide a help desk service and warranties. We can act as your help desk if you don’t have a tech team in-house, or work with your existing PC provider to handle your Macs and iOS devices. We even provide our own warranties for Macs and iPad devices, so you can be sure your hardware is supported throughout its entire lifetime.

Primary schools can join our 999 Apple Support Club. For just £999 a year, we offer primary schools comprehensive cover for their Apple devices and desktops, so staff don't have to juggle teaching and IT roles. As well as direct phone and email support to a dedicated point of contact, you'll have the support of a local Regional Education Manager and an onsite Apple surgery every half term at no extra cost.

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