Case study

Meeting student expectations and
industry standards with an HD studio
at Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University offer a range of courses centred around film, video and journalism. In order to bring their studio in line with industry standards and ensure that students were learning current practice, they upgraded their in-house news room to HD and replaced a cumbersome studio back end with NewTek’s TriCaster. As the new term got underway, we dropped in to see the results...

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We caught up with students on Staffordshire University's Broadcast Journalism course to find out how NewTek TriCaster is helping them get to grips with gallery work and learn the latest industry practice. Along the way, the university's staff explain what this new studio allows them to offer, and how it's helping them attract and retain the most talented students.

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What did they need?
The university’s news room needed its cameras updating to HD and its back end simplifying. Their technical courses also needed new cameras so that students there could compare and contrast a wider range of technologies.

How did we help?
We updated their complement of cameras so that they better reflected those used in industry, revamped their in-studio digital signage and replaced their complicated back end with a simple but powerful NewTek TriCaster.

What were the benefits?

  • Staffordshire University’s studio is now fully equipped to handle HD.
  • Their infrastructure is future proof, and will stand them in good stead for years to come.
  • Their studio workflow is simpler (so more appropriate for non-technical courses) but more powerful
  • (allowing technical students the chance to stretch themselves).
  • Their technology reflects the current industry standard, so graduates leave with experience of a professional workflow.
  • Each department now has a USP to attract new students and retain current ones.

“That’s why we keep working with Jigsaw24 - we trust them to give us completely impartial advice and solutions. I’ve never once felt that someone at Jigsaw24 is pushing a product at the expense of what we need; they just give us a completely open and honest appraisal. And they’re happy to work with us when it comes to funding as well, so we have a range of choices depending on the level of funding we get.”

Richard Mortimer, media centre technical team leader,
Staffordshire University.

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A multi-campus university in the Midlands, Staffordshire University’s mission is to deliver student-centred education through rigorous academic courses and strong links to industries throughout the UK.