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We provide a comprehensive portfolio of Apple services catering for all your macOS and iOS needs. From a simple warranty to a complete device as a service (DaaS) offering, we have all your Apple needs covered…

  • Hardware and software leasing

    What is it?

    If you’re looking to move from a capex to opex finance model, our innovative leasing and finance options provide the perfect framework for all your Apple technology and ancillary services. We can supply your hardware and software needs either through outright purchase or through an opex-based lease acting as a subscription, which can include or exclude your software or services element as needed. Apple hardware is available through this route as well as the Jamf Pro management suite, the CrashPlan end point backup system and Adobe licensing. Add in Office 365 and you’ll have everything your creative users need to function.

    What problem does it solve?

    Leasing options are particularly useful if you have a number of devices to replace or are planning major upgrades that will tie up costly capital. If you have underinvested and not replaced your traditional capex IT devices, leasing can be a financially prudent way of refreshing your IT estate, saving costs and ensuring user satisfaction.

    Our leases work with the option to own the asset at the end of the term or return it, and you won’t pay more than buying the device outright, meaning you won’t pay any more than the original purchase price for the equipment over three years. With reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced risk of obsolescence and the ability to co-terminate with telco contracts, it’s easy to understand why organisations are now leasing their technology.

    We have secured lease arrangements for hundreds of customers covering thousands of Apple devices, accessories, AppleCare and managed services. We work with a number of different partners to provide a leasing or finance solution that fits your business requirements. Whether you’re after a mix of goods or services, we will find the right partner to customise your options so that you can effectively acquire technology and services over its entire lifecycle or for one-off projects.

    We work with the leasing providers who specialise in Apple technology and can give the most flexible options for repayment and highest residual value.

    What are the benefits?

    • Purchase everything you need for your creative users in one package, including Apple hardware, Adobe, Jamf Pro and Office 365.
    • Pay outright or as an opex-based lease acting as a subscription.
    • Save money versus a cash upfront investment, and reduce your total cost of ownership TCO.
    • Co-terminate inline with your telco contracts.
    • Safeguard your technology investment against obsolescence in the future.
    • Get more predictable budgeting by forecasting and managing asset costs or having guaranteed IT costs per user for the next three years.

  • Device management services

    What is it?

    Our device management services provides a utility model for management and support using the Jamf Pro management suite. If you have a Mac estate that’s unmanaged, or are partially managed with a generic MDM solution that’s not functionally rich enough to meet your evolving needs, this is for you.

    The implementation and setup of DEP, VPP and Jamf Pro are all included in this service, with the costs of the setup amortised into the monthly charge, and we have options for hardware break-fix on devices should you need it. We can also include end point backup with online data backup solution CrashPlan from Code 42, with backup to the Code42 cloud or to private storage at your site or at the Jigsaw24 datacentre.

    What problem does it solve?

    Our device management services transform macOS and iOS management in your estate, giving users access to a self service portal within Jamf Pro for software, support and printer installation. There is a suite of detailed asset management reports available, and the service includes the implementation of a modular build, the development of best practice process and procedural controls to make your Mac estate more manageable.

    All services are incorporated into a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription so you can easily budget per employee per month. The option to use Jigsaw24 leases for new devices is also included, as is buyback and retirement of devices that are due for replacement, which can release cash from the residual value of devices. The incorporation of the endpoint backup solution CrashPlan also protects data.

    As the largest Jamf Pro reseller, and with our knowledge of Apple device management and automation, we have usually experienced any issue that you may come across before you see it, so can advise on any issues you may have.

    What are the benefits?

    • A huge reduction in heldpdesk calls, due to the self service.
    • A more enriched macOS and iOS management.
    • The ability to forecast and manage asset costs far better with the enhanced asset information generated.
    • Enhanced reporting on larger estates can yield savings in asset management overheads.

  • Managed cloud/file storage

    What is it?

    We have our own managed colocation racks in datacentres in Central England and London, and also provide services using the public cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Microsoft Azure platform. The services provided utilising our datacentres include: CrashPlan data repositories, virtual servers, hosted server hardware, virtual domain controllers for user authentication and Azure active directory synchronisation. These services are charged for on a monthly subscription model.

    What problem do they solve?

    Our suite of datacentre services solve very different needs. Hosted CrashPlan data repositories are used if you have a policy of only storing your data in the UK with suppliers that are ISO 27001-certified and therefore can demonstrate enterprise level data controls. Virtual servers are provided if you need some servers to test a solution you are looking to implement. These are also used to host our managed device Jamf Pro implementations.

    Hosted server hardware is used if you want a complete copy of your data repositories offsite on your own hardware for data security, business continuity or disaster recovery purposes. Virtual domain controllers for user authentication are often provided for a copy of the Active Directory for two purposes. The first is where you have lots of remote users, and this becomes a server that users authenticate against, and it also provides a local AD synchronisation point in the same location as your Jamf Pro installation. The Azure Active Directory synchronisation is the same as our virtual domain controller solution, but used where you have a subscription to an Azure private cloud.

    We have a dedicated systems management team that manage our data centre virtual infrastructures and are fully skilled in Jamf Pro, Cisco, Microsoft HyperV, VMware and data security. We also understand the creative workflow and the needs of Apple users, and our datacentre services are specifically designed to enhance the use of Apple devices in our customers.

    What are the benefits?

    • Datacentre security and management of your whole estate by Jigsaw24 as the single service provider.
    • Quicker user authentication or data restore, as the virtual servers and bandwidth sit within our control.
    • Access and changes can be implemented in a timely fashion, as both our datacentres are local to Jigsaw24 engineering locations.

  • Device as a service

    What is it?

    Device as a Service (DaaS) is our total lifecycle management solution for your devices, providing a utility model that includes:

    • The device.
    • A 3 year Warranty (either AppleCare or Jigsaw24).
    • Support options, including remote support or an onsite team depending on complexity and support requirements of your Apple users.
    • Provision and implementation of Jamf Pro management.
    • Operational management using Jamf Pro management.
    • Implementation and commissioning of Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and Volume Purchase Programme (VPP).
    • Software update and application packaging.

    What problem does it solve?

    As a leading Apple B2B reseller with enterprise expertise and the ability to scale our solutions, you can be certain that we’ll support you throughout your three year lease. DaaS provides agreed and predictable costs over a fixed term, and all services can be incorporated into the lease so that you can easily budget per employee per month.

    What are the benefits?

    • Get a complete turnkey solution, including device and services for three years.
    • Get the benefits of Jamf Pro management and warranty for all your devices on a subscription-based model.
    • Forecast and manage asset costs or have guaranteed IT costs per user for the next three years.
    • Enhanced reporting on larger estates can yield savings in asset management overheads.

    Example Daas costs*

    • 13” 256GB MacBook Pro A three year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £48.26 per device per month.
    • 32GB iPad Pro A three year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £17.81 per device per month.
    • 32GB iPhone 7 A two year DaaS with recurring quarterly charges for hardware, maintenance and remote support - £23.05 per device per month.

    *These are estimated costs and subject to minimum quantities and business credit ratings.

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