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  • Project Management Services

    What is it?

    Our project management is a support service designed for any customers that have complex requirements involving equipment, engineering and pre-requisites. Or, any customers who have a long term set of deliverables that need tracking over time in an overall project. We provide three levels of project services designed to support our engineering and management teams in delivering complex requirements over prolonged timescales: programme management, project management, and project coordination.

    Why does it matter?

    Better communication with customers means quicker project completion and overall satisfaction. Our project management solves involves managing close customer communication and responding to any changes to requirements or timescales, while ensuring quality is maintained.

    What are the benefits?

    • Improved communication with customers, across our engineering teams and between departments.
    • Improved customer satisfaction and user experience through consistent delivery of quality projects on time and to budget.
    • Improved project definition according to specific customer requirements.
    • Control of project change and scope throughout the project.
    • Auditable and trackable documentation throughout the project.
    • Effective, decisive decision making.
    • Better cost control throughout the project.
    • A happier team all-round.

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