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As an Avid Elite Partner, we can provide industry-leading solutions for audio, video and storage.

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Why Jigsaw24 for Avid

Why come to Jigsaw24 for your Pro Tools hardware? As an Avid Elite Reseller for audio (as well as video and storage – one of only two resellers in the whole of the UK with all three stripes), we work closely with Avid to facilitate entire media production and storage workflows, all in once place.

We also have Avid Certified Support Representative staff on our books, so there’s always someone on the end of the line who understands your system, should you need any help. And if you want to try before you buy, you can book a demo of Pro Tools | S6 or S3 at your place to see how your studio could benefit from the latest hardware – just hit the button above or give us a call.

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Pro Tools | S6

Launched in September 2013, the Pro Tools | S6 controller has rapidly become a new industry standard, with installs in many of the world’s top professional audio facilities.

Leveraging the best of the ICON and System 5 product families in a revolutionary modular design, S6 delivers superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control, providing an intuitive, immersive experience for the modern sound engineer. And because it’s built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals in the most demanding production environments, S6 delivers the performance you need to complete projects faster and deliver the best sounding mixes possible.

S6 at Halo Post Production. They provided their own absurdly chic desk.

Revolutionary modular design

S6 is built to grow with you and your business. With a first of its kind modular design, the surface can be customised with the modules you need for your workflow, allowing you to expand horizontally and vertically in a cost-efficient manner. You can choose a pre-configured S6 M10 or S6 M40 surface if they have the options you need or customise an M40 even further with different channel control combinations.

Superior ergonomics

S6 acts and feels like a physical extension of your software, providing a truly intuitive and immersive experience. Turn around projects faster with high precision editing and mixing control at your fingertips. Quickly access and edit plug-ins, surround panning and more with the multi-point touchscreen. And see every detail of your mix with unprecedented visual feedback, including waveform scrolling.

Avid's new S6 makes a play for most buttons per inch on any workstation.

Proven and trusted technology

S6 delivers incredible workflow acceleration, highly responsive handling, and deep DAW integration – all built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals in the most demanding production environments. The result: exceptional, dynamic performance that lets you deliver the best sounding mix possible on time, every time.

  • Key features
    • Improve cost efficiency by customising the surface to include only the modules you need.
    • Mix faster and easier with intelligently designed controls, touchscreen, and intuitive layout.
    • See your mix in a whole new way with detailed visual feedback and professional metering.
    • Experience highly responsive, precision control with high-speed EUCON connectivity.
    • Scale the system from mid to large format to match your workflow, with room to grow.
    • Access and manipulate multiple aspects of your mix through the master touchscreen.
    • Extend your control to Logic Pro, Nuendo and other EUCON-enabled DAWs.
    • Configure, scale and reconfigure the surface easily over an Ethernet network.

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Pro Tools | S3

The Pro Tools | S3 control surface is a streamlined, versatile mixing solution that gives sound engineers the powerful, intelligent control they need to work more ergonomically and efficiently, create the highest-quality mixes and expand their mixing capabilities. When used together, the Pro Tools | S3 and Pro Tools software deliver the most streamlined, economical, and tightly integrated approach to mixing and recording in smaller-sized studios or mobile settings.

Expand your mixing capabilities

Based on the award-winning Avid S6 control surface, the S3 features open integration with Pro Tools software and other EUCON-enabled DAWs such as Logic Pro, Cubase and more.

Meet strict project deadlines

By combining the traditional console layout with the proven advancements of the S6, the S3 delivers highly intuitive recording, editing, and mixing control – along with the power and efficiency to meet fast turnaround times.

Dominic Gibbs models a more subdued configuration.

Mix on the go

The compact form factor fits into any space, making S3 ideal for small project studios or on-the-go music and post mixing.

Work the way you want

Engineers can customise the surface by creating custom channel layouts, all recallable at any time. S3 can switch between two applications with ease, giving users the choice to work however they want, and the capability to take on the largest, most demanding mixes.

Fit into any studio and workflow

S3 easily integrates with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform – as well as a studio’s existing systems and workflows – to deliver deep hardware/software integration and control at a fraction of the price of high-end consoles.

  • Key features
    • 6 channel strips, each with a touch-sensitive, motorised fader and 10-segment signal level meter (supports up to six fader banks).
    • 32 touch-sensitive, push-button rotary encoders for panning, gain control, plug-in parameter adjustments and more.
    • 32 high-resolution OLED displays for viewing track names/numbers, detailed metering data (from mono to 5.1 surround), parameter names/values, current automation mode and more.
    • Solo, mute, channel select and record/automation-enable keys on every channel.
    • Touch strip for easier access to transport controls.
    • Dozens of dedicated buttons and switches for navigation, automation, control assignment, and software control.
    • Built-in 4x6 AVB Core Audio interface includes 2 XLR mic/line inputs, 2 TRS line inputs, 2 XLR line outputs, 2 TRS line outputs and a stereo headphone output.

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Pro Tools | Dock

The Dock is based on the advanced touchscreen workflows on the Master Touch Module on the award-winning Pro Tools | S6. Both systems demonstrate the philosophy that mixers need the best of physical faders, knobs and switches in conjunction with touchscreen technology for things like fast navigation, metering, and on-screen plug-in control – a true hybrid approach.

When the Dock is paired with Pro Tools | S3, you gain complementary and enhanced functionality with the dedicated automation switches, transport controls, weighted aluminium jog wheel, colour-coded Soft Key switches and more. Mixing deadlines have met their match!

Super channel view

The Dock’s eight soft knobs can be used to control parameters like EQ, Dynamics, Panning and Sends on the Attentioned (focused) channel – just like the S6 Master Touch Module. This new ‘super’ Channel view on Pro Tools | Control is also now available in the free iOS app!

Soft keys

A highly requested enhancement, that will also be free to all Pro Tools | Control App users, is the colour-mapped Soft Keys larger view. The two rows of LED colour-coded buttons on the Dock change colours and map to the Soft Keys in the smaller view on your iPad lining up directly underneath the matching soft button on screen.

Ethernet connectivity

iPad and the Pro Tools | Control app are also now qualified to work as a wired direct connection to your Ethernet network with two adaptors from Apple (the wired Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor + USB 2 to Ethernet Adaptor) for connection of an Ethernet cable.

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