• Management & delivery

    What is it?

    Management: Everything from digital asset management and how you organise your data to storage and back up solutions.

    Delivery: Covering all methods of project delivery, from print and web to digital files.

    Why does it matter?

    Management: A good management system will allow for your images to be stored securely and found with ease by everyone in the team.

    Delivery: How you deliver your images digitally or as print, bringing your delivery system in-house can help to reduce costs and improve reliability.

    What can we do?

    Management: We can design infrastructure storage systems for larger scales projects/organisations and offer managed backup solutions.

    • This covers
    • Mobile rugged storage
    • Desktop storage
    • RAID storage solutions
    • High-speed DAS, NAS storage solutions
    • Hierarchal storage
    • Software (like Adobe Lightroom and Extensis Portfolio)
    • Collaboration, file transfer to clients/colleagues
    • Providing upgrades and powerful graphics cards and OS

    Delivery: We can supply the tools you need to print your work inhouse.

    • This covers
    • Pro photo printers
    • Inks, toners and specialist paper

    What are the benefits?

    Our in-house consultants can help you to design a management and delivery system that is tailored to your business needs and ensure your investment is future-proof and bottleneck-free. As an Adobe Platinum Reseller, we can provide you with advice and support to make sure you have the right licences for your business. We work with our partners (like Extensis) to provide the right DAM solution for you.

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    “Jigsaw24’s service, approach and costs met everything that we were looking for. We value their support and they massively benefit our business.”

    Marcello Fulgenzi, Studio Manager, Drummond Central creative agency.

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