Outsourced Support Services

Flexible, outsourced support to align your Apple estate to business requirements

Outsourcing your Apple support provides you with access to greater expertise without the management and human resource issues associated with new hires. If you’re looking to increase support for a Mac investment, we can provide onsite engineers, tech bars and repairs, roadmap your future strategy and more with our managed support service.

Whether you’re part of a support team, a service manager or director IT, check out the benefits that our managed Apple support could bring you…

  • Day to day support teams

    Outsource Mac support to us, and free yourself up to focus on your existing PC deployment. No more long wait times, improved first time resolution and support targets smashed. We will work alongside you and your team to find out what the most appropriate support option is for your needs, and have flexible options that allow us to work seamlessly alongside your existing setup.

    What are the benefits?

    • Never take a Mac support call again, freeing you up to take care of the rest of your estate.
    • It’s an easy way to hit your targets – when IBM introduced a specialist Mac team to support their devices, the result was a 98% first time resolution on support calls and an 85% CSAT score.
    • We can deal with any integration fails, having partnerships with almost all major integration solutions providers and in-house accredited experts.
    • We can work as part of your team, and you can choose whether you’d prefer us to work onsite or remotely.

  • IT service managers

    A dedicated Mac support team available to start work tomorrow. Feeling the pressure of an ever-growing Mac estate and a senior management team who want fast and reliable Mac support implementing, coupled with an existing IT team who are struggling with the multi-platform environment? Outsourcing the day to day management of those Macs will allow you to meet all of the above needs, giving you the experience of a proven Mac support team in-house but without the lengthy training or recruitment.

    What are the benefits?

    • A team with all the experience you need. We can provide phone, email and remote support across, no matter your location.
    • Increase your end user satisfaction rating – we have a 97% CSAT score for Apple repairs, and our typical first time resolution rate is 90%. Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians provide nationwide coverage for remote support and can be deployed to provide onsite support as needed.
    • Your first time resolution rates will soar, as we can deploy one of our engineers to your site as needed, increasing your capacity and decreasing response times without you having to take on all the admin and overheads of a new hire.
    • You can say goodbye to integration issues entirely – as the UK’s longest serving provider of Jamf Pro, we can offer it to you straight up, hosted, managed, or both, depending on the amount of time and space you’re willing to dedicate to it.

  • IT directors and CTOs

    As the UK’s number one B2B Apple provider with 25 years’ enterprise experience, we’re ideally placed to advise on Apple strategy. The fact of the matter is that most businesses are now finding that Apple support has become part of the day to day. Regardless of whether we’re talking Mac notebooks in the hands of sales teams or company-wide iPhones, virtually every IT team is now having to deal with support calls that, in many cases, they aren’t prepared for.

    Finding the time, money and expertise to review and overhaul your internal support structure can be a challenge, and many organisations are putting off updates until the last minute, only delaying the problem.

    Creating a business case for outsourced Apple support

    We've worked with enterprise customers to help CIO and CTOs build business cases to outsource their Apple support. With our strategic experience, we can assist in your digital transformation by:

    • Demonstrating a balance between dedicated and shared services.
    • Implementing a continual service improvement methodology.
    • Delivering tangible and achievable increased user and organisation satisfaction.
    • Building SLAs around improved user productivity.
    • Improving system performance and availability.
    • Providing consistent service experience across all locations.

    We don't just deliver on deliverables

    The above tells you what we can deliver to your business as part of our support. But what about the benefits that you’ll experience as a result?

    • Fast, reliable user support that maximises user uptime.
    • High levels of end user satisfaction with the service.
    • Close relationship with your service desk, ensuring seamless customer experience.
    • A culture of continuous improvement for the service.
    • Improved total cost of ownership of Apple devices over time.
    • Advice, strategy and guidance to enterprise business on best practice and optimum use of Apple products.

    What will you get?

    The service is underpinned by a robust ITIL-aligned service management model covering:

    • Ownership of the service.
    • Management of the Jamf Pro device management suite.
    • Adherence to SLAs.
    • Request and project management.
    • Adherence to change management process.
    • Service reporting.
    • Regular service meetings.
    • Escalation management.
    • Problem and trend analysis.

  • Finance and purchasing

    Apple computers and iOS devices are everywhere in offices now, but take a look at most internal IT teams, and you’ll see wall to wall Windows experts. And while these teams are doing their level best to keep Apple users up and running, spending money on a dedicated Apple support resource will increase first time call resolution and reduce the amount of time needed to fix Mac issues – meaning higher productivity for your tech teams and end users.

    For example, when PC giants IBM introduced Mac to their organisation, they found that a dedicated Mac helpdesk had 98% first time issue resolution with 84% customer satisfaction, compared to 53% for their Windows helpdesk, and the reduced support and management costs meant that they saved $535 for every Mac they rolled out.*

    *At the time of writing, that’s £423 GBP.

    The message is clear: dedicated Apple support pays dividends…

    The big benefit of outsourcing your Apple IT is that, from a budget perspective, you aren’t tied into contracted staff and the associated costs of an increasing headcount (including company benefits, recruitment costs and ongoing training). Because our team can be present on either a full time, part time or temporary basis, it allows you to add extra resource at key points rather than permanently. Take a look below at how much outsourcing your IT through Jigsaw24 typically costs.

    …and by outsourcing it you can be flexible with the budget.

    We have a team of Apple Certified Mac Technicians who can provide offsite support, set up an onsite tech bar to handle issues, or be embedded into your team and work alongside existing staff as the resident Apple expert. This frees up existing staff to concentrate on the systems they know, and frees up a chunk of ready cash as another section of your IT spend becomes an opex rather than capex expense.

    As the UK’s number one B2B Apple provider, and a service provider with 25 years’ experience working with the UK’s top creative companies, we’re perfectly placed to handle your Apple devices, infrastructure and creative workflows more efficiently than your existing team – and we’re probably cheaper, too.

    How does it add up?

    • You choose to add full time support for ca rollout or on an ad hoc basis.

      A full time Jigsaw24 Mac engineer is available from £810 per week.

    • You choose to have a Jigsaw24 engineer onsite alongside your existing team.

      We can provide onsite resource from £1615 per week.

    • You want an onsite tech bar to deliver 1st line support onsite.

      We can deliver a branded tech bar from as little as £1060 per week.

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