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Nether Alderley were looking to develop the use of Apple devices in the classroom, and found the support they needed in our e7 Pilot programme. After the pilot, they rolled out iPad across Year 5 and 6, opted for a mobile Mac suite instead of a PC lab, and have opened a new staff development suite. Here’s the story of their conversion to Apple devices...

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Find out how Nether Alderley are using iPad to engage parents and improve results by personalising learning. They weigh in on their favourite classroom apps, the benefits of Macs, and how to get parents on board with 1:1 schemes.

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What did they need?
An iPad trial that would allow them to test the effectiveness of Apple devices in the classroom before committing to a 1:1 rollout.

How did we help?
We enrolled the school on our e7 Pilot so that they could trial iPad, then provided training and support when they rolled out iPad across Year 5 and 6. We also provided them with a class set of MacBook Pros to replace an outdated IT lab, and have helped them manage the transition from PC to Mac that this entailed.

What were the benefits?
• Increased parental engagement, resulting in children doing more work at home and facilitating a flipped classroom teaching model.

• The ability to give richer feedback, improving student understanding.

• Improved tracking of student progress, and the ability to target areas of weakness in specific, personalised ways for each student.

• A more efficient IT workflow that allows students to do more in the time they have, using the best possible tools.

• The introduction of a new staff development area where staff can meet to discuss pedagogy and best practices.

“I would definitely recommend Jigsaw24. One of the things that we found really valuable is that their staff includes ex–teachers, if there is such a thing, and they understand what we’re trying to achieve. When we talk to Jigsaw24, it’s not about the installation or the next three months, it’s a long term commitment to doing the right thing for the children and for the school.”

Andy Brady, Deputy Head, Nether Alderley Primary School

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Nether Alderley are a co-educational primary school in Cheshire. They currently teach 105 pupils, ranging from Reception to Year 6.